Nvidia Studio optimizes Adobe's Super Resolution and the DaVinci Neural Engine

Nvidia Studio optimizes Adobe's Super Resolution and the DaVinci Neural Engine

Nvidia is not only committed to finding the best solutions for all gamers, but it is also extremely active for professionals: for this reason it has updated Studio with AI optimizations designed for Adobe's Super Resolution and optimizations for the DaVinci Neural Engine.

Here are all the details.

The month of March, as announced, brings with it several news related to Nvidia. In line with this, Nvidia Studi o, a platform designed for artists and professionals that offers powerful solutions for creators, has decided to celebrate the latest features of the most popular AI-powered creative apps, accelerated by Nvidia RTX, that speed up and evolve the digital creative process drastically.

Here are the latest news:

Adobe Super Resolution - now available on Adobe Camera Raw and coming to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic - is a new feature that increases the apparent resolution of an image, intelligently enlarging photos while maintaining sharp edges while preserving relevant details.

Optimizations for DaVinci Neural Engine, on DaVinci Resolve 17 from Blackmagic Design, along with new tools like Magic Mask which easily selects and removes people from backgrounds, make the creation process easier.

To spend less time in the editing room, Adobe Premiere Pro's Scene Edit Detection feature, recently introduced in the Premiere Pro public beta, is optimized by NVIDIA GPUs to quickly detect and label cuts in final video files, eliminating long scrubbing sessions to make manual changes. Plus, when it comes time to export files, the NVIDIA hardware encoder built into NVIDIA GeForce GPUs exports high-resolution video up to 5x faster than the CPU alone.

AI-powered denoising in Blender is a process that anticipates final images from partially rendered results when designing in the viewport. This allows users to explore new ideas, quickly defining design choices while being confident in the end result.

These new AI features - along with many others, are now available thanks to the newly released NVIDIA Studio driver.

What's new in Nvidia Studio.

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