Minis Forum X35G: very little, and there is a discount

Minis Forum X35G: very little, and there is a discount

Minis Forum X35G

New discount available from Minis Forum home, for those looking for a low-cost PC with minimal dimensions to set up their new study or work station. The X35G model (whose characteristics prove to be anything but "mini") is in fact today on Amazon at a price that drops below 400 euros: 399.49 euros thanks to the 15% cut only for today .

Minis Forum X35G, -15% for the fastest

The size is just 13.6 x 12.1cm with 3.9cm high, but inside there is 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. The heart of the Mini PC beats in an Intel Core i3-1005-G1 with Intel UHD Graphics (300MHz-900MHz) graphics coprocessor: “The base frequency is 1.2 GHz and the maximum turbo frequency is 3.4 GHz. i3-1005G1 can achieve faster operation and reduce power consumption thanks to 10nm technology ”. The operating system supplied is Windows 10 Pro.

Important availability in terms of connectivity: HDMI and Display Port video outputs, double RJ45 Ethernet for connectivity and network, two ports USB 2.0. These elements basically define the usefulness that the Mini PC can assume: among others its possible role on PC networks based on a central server should not be underestimated, something that for specific functions and specific organizations can become an excellent low profile work tool. The double video output fears the role of the Mini PC also as a papabile media player, allowing the system to better organize quality video streams.

In these cases, the occasional discount available becomes the best opportunity to enter the world of Mini PCs, since they can solve many situations even with small budgets available. But be careful: this is a flash offer and this price is destined to remain valid only for today.

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