Is EA Motive going to bring a highly regarded saga back to life?

Is EA Motive going to bring a highly regarded saga back to life?

Electronic Arts, although it does not enjoy a particularly positive reputation among gamers around the world, has in the past published a number of works of great value. We recall how the Mass Effect or Dead Space saga obtained excellent feedback from critics and the community, all productions that over time have disappeared - or worse - distorted. However, the abandonment of beloved IPs has not slowed down EA's great economic results, currently among the highest in the entire industry.

* Gamers around the world continue to incessantly ask Electronic Arts to report in life series such as Dante's Inferno, the aforementioned Dead Space or even Jade Empire. However, only in the last few hours has it come an indiscretion from Jeff Grubbs of VentureBeat who said, during the last episode of his podcast, that EA Motive may be working on an intellectual property that will make players happy.

Although this is all the information he revealed, we can only try to guess what this new title might be. According to many, and Grubb himself, it is Syndicate 3, as many members of the development team of the series are now part of the EA Motive team. However, the decision as to what and how to develop titles is up to Electronic Arts, which is why we can really expect anything.

Muy es Sindicato 3

- Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) March 7, 2021

Although Jeff Grubb is an authoritative figure within the industry, we certainly cannot highlight the rumored nature of this indiscretion. Grubb simply offered random information based on nothing, with very few details to prove his claim. Precisely for this reason, there are no concrete ways to confirm or deny the claim, all the more reason to take this news with a grain of salt.

We will certainly keep our eyes peeled, as other insiders may eventually reveal more details on the matter, even in the coming days. What would you like this hypothetical game in development by EA Motive to be? Do you want to return to play the role of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space or are you still waiting for Dante to ascend Purgatory in the sequel to Dante's Inferno? We are curious to find out what's cooking in the EA branded pot, especially after the acquisition of Codemasters.

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