Dying Light 2: Techland denies development problems and talks about premature announcement

Dying Light 2: Techland denies development problems and talks about premature announcement

Dying Light 2

Techland denied the development problems of Dying Light 2, stating that it was simply too premature an announcement compared to the state of the game.

The position taken by the Polish studio came in the replies to some tweets related to the recent announcement of an imminent return to the public scene of Dying Light 2. In one Techland denied that the game ended up in a so-called "dev hell" because development continued to progress regularly: "We announced the game too soon, but it's really far from being in a dev hell."

In another tweet it was confirmed that development continues and that Dying Light 2 has not been canceled.

Finally, in a third, the possibility of the game launching early in Early Access is denied: "No, Early Access is not good for Dying Light 2, we have worked hard all these years to launch a quality finished product and this remains our goal. "

Of course we agree that sooner or later Dying Light 2 will come out, but we sincerely believe little in the fact that it has not had any problems, given the various shocks it had in the course of production, first of all the expulsion of Chris Avellone for the accusation of harassment

Dying Light 2 was ‘announced too early’ but updates are coming

There has been a lot of concern around Dying Light 2 recently, including reports of strained development. Still, Techland maintains that the game is doing fine and making progress, promising new updates next week. 

On Twitter this week, Techland announced that it has “a few words” to share about “the Dying Light 2 development process”.

Further down in the replies, a fan brought up concern that the game was in development hell. Surprisingly, this was addressed, with a spokesperson saying that while the game was announced “too early” it has continued making development progress and is not in ‘development hell’.

We’ll see what the developers have to say next Wednesday. Hopefully the announcement is accompanied by a new release window and possibly some new gameplay footage or screenshots.

KitGuru Says: Techland has consistently responded to reports and rumours, so I have some faith that development is moving forward. Are many of you looking forward to Dying Light 2? Will you be checking out next week’s development update? 

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