Disney + no longer working? Here's what's going on

Disney + no longer working? Here's what's going on

Disney + no longer working? Here's what's happening: March 24, 2020 was the debut day in Italy of the streaming service, to which many made an annual subscription that should have been renewed automatically yesterday, but which, apparently , has failed, as many users are experiencing various problems.

Update: Disney has posted on the Disney + Facebook page an image in which it says that the company is aware problems, due to "incorrect or obsolete payment methods".

Furthermore, we point out that some users were able to solve it simply by waiting, while others, after long waits to talk to assistance, received I invite you to pay the subscription at full price, and then request a refund at a later time.

The problems encountered are different and all annoying: some have been charged without renewing the subscription ( which is expired to), for others the purchase price has not even been deducted, while others, more fortunate, have not encountered any kind of problem and indeed, have even received an email some time before anticipating the next renewal.

The frustration of several users is mainly due to the fact that with the automatic renewal, the annual price of the service would have been the same as the previous year (i.e. € 69.99), while with a reactivation of the subscription it rises to 89, € 99. As if that weren't enough, Disney + customer service is almost non-existent or difficult to reach, especially due to the amount of phone calls and contacts they are probably receiving in these hours, combined with the fact that the company has not, as of now, released any press releases. official.

This chaos comes when Disney + officially turns one year after its debut in our homeland, close to the release of the Marvel TV series Falcon And Winter Soldier and the inclusion of the Star section, which includes all a production series defined as "for adults", with productions also coming from the last production company acquired 20th Century Fox: series such as Griffins, American Dad, Scrubs, the X-Men films and the two Deadpools are just an example of the Star offer, within Disney +, in addition to the already confirmed arrival of original series such as the fourth season of Boris.

We invite you to stay tuned for more information about the disruption of these days and if, in the meantime, the situation is resolved, we will update you as soon as possible.

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