Bloodborne on PS1 is sensational, new video shows a boss fight

Bloodborne on PS1 is sensational, new video shows a boss fight

Bloodborne on PS1 is sensational

Coming to the PlayStation 5 generation, many fans find it exciting to see how the video game has evolved over the past few years. However, there are also those who remain very nostalgic for past generations, and continue to love a particular visual aspect that video games had in the past ages of this media. For example, it happens more and more often to see great classics of the last generations remade in PS1 style, as in the case of this fantastic Bloodborne demake.

If the remakes, which are becoming more and more popular now, are the revival in the modern sauce of the great videogame works of the past, demakes are nothing more than the other side of the coin: that is the revival of modern titles on consoles of the past. The work that Lilith Walther is carrying out with Bloodborne, for example, is one of the most interesting demakes that have ever appeared on the square.

Usually, these re-propositions just show us what this recent game would be like if it were released on consoles of the past. In the case of the Bloodborne demake, however, the developer is carrying out the project by showing us how development is progressing with dedicated videos. In one of the recent update posts, we can see how this demake is nothing short of sensational; giving us the idea that the From Software title dated 2015 was really one of the titles born during the generation of the first PlayStation.

Todays #BloodbornePSX dev thread shows some more polish on the Cleric Beast boss fight, including game progression tracking. The initial encounter will have the intro segment, while rematches will skip it to get to the fight faster. Insight is also granted before and after πŸ‘️

- πŸ”‹⚡ Lilithium Powered Witch πŸ’«πŸ³️‍⚧️ BLM (@ b0tster) March 22, 2021

The new gameplay clip screams PS1 from every pore, and shows us a fascinating new version of the boss fight against the fearsome Cleric Beast. Not only the visual aspect, but also the animations, the details on the screen and the HUD up to even the soundtrack seem to come straight from a PlayStation from the mid 90s.

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