Best Nintendo Switch Accessories | March 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories | March 2021

It is no mystery that Nintendo Switch has become one of the most popular consoles of recent years: its success, generated by constant sales, has always been closely linked to its versatility, which has made it a truly popular console suitable for an audience. vast and transversal. Over time, Nintendo's hybrid console has been supported by numerous companies, which have produced an incalculable number of accessories, both unofficial and licensed, supplied directly by Nintendo. Accessories, just like any other portable console, can be fundamental to expand the experience with Switch and improve it, perhaps intervening in certain aspects where the console itself has features that can be improved (for example, as regards the rear stand), adding new functions, or simply improving the quality of life.

In this guide, we have therefore compiled a list of the best accessories available for Nintendo Switch, taking into account what are the essential things to buy after having bought the console. With these accessories, net of often minimal costs in relation to the cost of hardware in the strict sense, you can improve - and not a little - your experience of use with the console. Before starting, we remind you that on our pages you can also find a guide dedicated to the best cases for Nintendo Switch, one dedicated to the best anime video games, one dedicated to the best Western role-playing games and one to the best Japanese role-playing games.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories

Official Nintendo Stand

Nintendo Switch can be used in three different modes: portable mode, in which, with the joy-con connected , it behaves like a real handheld console; the docked mode, in which it is connected to a TV and acts as a home console, adjusting its frequencies to better adapt to a higher resolution; finally, the tabletop mode, which allows you to use it on a table (in the temporary absence of a TV) if you want to play with the joy-con detached or with a traditional controller. This mode, however, has an underlying structural problem: the stand on the back of the Switch is not exactly irresistible, and often causes the console to fall if not resting on a perfectly horizontal plane. The official stand produced by Nintendo, which rests on the bottom of the console, solves all these problems, keeping it slightly raised and reducing the support surface, and at the same time adding the possibility of recharging it while playing (normally absent, as the lower part console rests all on the ground).

Spigen Rugged Armor Cover

Nintendo Switch has had a huge number of covers over time protective, i.e. soft silicone or rigid plastic coatings useful to protect the console during use, to prevent it from being damaged during accidental falls. Spigen, a leading company in the mobile phone cover market, has recently produced its own cover dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, available for both the standard model and the Switch Lite, which has immediately established itself as one of the best protective cases for Switch ever released. . The materials, in fact, are of excellent quality, neither too rigid nor too soft and with perfect cuts for each opening on the sides of the console, including the upper air intake, while the transparent back (but equally resistant) allows you to leave the 'now iconic console logo.

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MicroSD (64, 128, 256 and 512 GB)

The internal memory of Nintendo Switch is provided with only 32 GB, with Nintendo that, over the years, has not yet foreseen - at least for the standard and Lite models - a future expansion towards more cuts. substantial. If 32 GB seems like a lot to you, well, know that it isn't: the Switch's internal storage has about 25 actual storage available, which tend to run out very quickly, especially if you download and install a particularly large game. Fortunately, to remedy the problem it is possible to expand the console with any type of Micro SD, a now universal format in the field of memory cards: Sandisk, in particular, produces a line of cards made in collaboration with Nintendo and branded with colors and patterns. lively, as well as designed to strictly follow the technical specifications supported by the console, in terms of write and read speeds.

The four memory cards of 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB, among other things, feature each a different and themed design: the first is in The Legend of Zelda style, while the second and third are designed with two iconic Super Mario motifs, namely the mushroom and the star. The fourth, and more capacious, is finally aquamarine, with an Animal Crossing theme. It's also true that you'll never see them again after inserting them into your console, but it's still nice to know they're customized!

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

After purchasing a Nintendo Switch, a good choice would be to move towards an additional controller, and here you have two options: or buy a traditional controller, in order to have more comfort during your game sessions, or turn to a couple of additional joy-con, certainly more flexible but much less comfortable (as well as potentially redundant). Of course, a lot depends on what you have to do with it, but in our opinion the best choice to accompany the console at the time of purchase - together with the case and, perhaps, a memory card - is a traditional controller, in order to have for your hands a different product from the two joy-con you already own and make gaming sessions at home more comfortable. The official Nintendo Pro Controller, in this case, remains by far the best choice: it is one of the best pads ever made by the Japanese company, which, having abandoned some extravagances of the past, has staked everything on concreteness.

The Pro Controller has an impeccable build quality, and includes all the extra features typical of Switch mini-controllers, including NFC (to read the official Amiibo and unlock more features in supported games) , the gyroscope and the so-called HD Rumble, that is the haptic feedback vibration system developed by Nintendo, much more precise than the traditional one.

Nintendo Switch case

We left the cases for last, but they are probably the most important accessories to buy together with the Nintendo Switch: beyond all the functions and possibilities extra, there are no choices when it comes to protecting the console. If you're on a tight budget, a case is the first thing you should aim for, since, being the Switch a console that makes portability a cornerstone of the experience, you are likely to end up carrying it around: in that case, it may happen that it suffers some accidental impact. To better protect your console, therefore, we have thought of two options: the first is a traditional case, less bulky but which can only contain Switch and a few game cartridges, while the other is a travel case, with enough space for all accessories, including dock.

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