XXL gaming mats | The best of 2022

XXL gaming mats | The best of 2022

Are you looking for a gaming mat and want to have plenty of space available? You will then be very pleased to know that there are several XXL gaming mats on the market, i.e. more generously sized than the standard ones and which can even cover an entire desk (or almost).

A larger mat than normal, in fact, it has numerous advantages: in addition to making it possible to move the mouse on the support surface much more freely, favoring those who prefer to play with low DPI and sensitivity, the mat also acts as a base for the keyboard, and thanks to the its size prevents the desk from getting dirty or damaged in any way. Not to be forgotten is the purely visual aspect, given that with a nice XXL gaming mat it is possible to give a completely different glance to your desks. In short, if you are looking for a safe support surface for a mouse, keyboard and even other objects (depending on the size of the mat itself), opting for an XXL gaming mat is not a bad idea at all, and here are some of them that may be right for you.

Before diving into the best XXL gaming mats, we remind you that on our pages you can also find guides dedicated to the best PC mats, if you prefer a smaller size more standard, and the best accessories for a gaming station.

XXL Gaming Mats

Logitech G840 Titanwolf Oversized Gaming Mat Razer Gigantus Gaya Mousepad Corsair MM350 PRO

Logitech G840

We could only start our roundup of the best XXL gaming mats if not with the excellent Logitech G840, a product characterized by dimensions equal to 900x400mm and a quality very high. Available in various colors, including some beautiful ones dedicated to League of Legends, the Logitech G840 in fact has a stable rubber base and a homogeneous surface designed to reduce friction as much as possible. Without a doubt one of the best XXL gaming mats available on the market right now.

Dimensions: 900x400mm

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Titanwolf oversized gaming mat

Titanwolf is one of the best known brands when it comes to gaming mats, especially in the larger sizes: it is, in fact, one of the few manufacturers to go beyond the dimensions " standard”, arriving at a more than generous 1200x600mm (that is 120 centimeters by 60), of considerable dimensions to say the least. If you prefer the models with RBG, fortunately you will instead need less space, given that this model, in addition to its indisputable beauty, is also characterized by dimensions of 80×30 cm. The aesthetic aspect should also be considered: the mat is sold in different designs and it will be really difficult to find something that cannot satisfy you in terms of image.

Dimensions: 1200x600mm

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Not just classic mats. Titanwolf also offers an RGB model, decidedly more contained in terms of space. The proposed options are not many, but they could win you over if you are a lover of lights and want an extra coordinated accessory perhaps with your computer and your gaming room.

Dimensions: 800×300

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Razer Gigantus

If you're looking for a new gaming mat, then the Razer Gigantus might just be the one for you. It is an XXL mat with a micro-textured fabric, optimized for mouse sensors. Covered in thick, high-density rubber foam, the Razer Gigantus features a non-slip base and is available in four different sizes. The aesthetic is completely black, a sign of an elegant accessory.

Dimensions: 940×410

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Gaya Mousepad

Are you a great lover of Bethesda productions and want to give a unique touch to your workstations? You will then be very pleased to know that there are several XXL gaming mats on the market that offer some of the most iconic productions of the publisher recently acquired by Microsoft represented on their backs. DOOM, Skyrim and Wolfenstein: these are just some of the famous brands that we can find on these products, with these PC mats that prove to be the best for anyone who wants to customize their desk in total freedom. Ah, to make everything more interesting is the fact that these are very good quality mats, obviously distinguished by obviously generous dimensions.

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Corsair MM350 PRO

In the list we could not help but recommend a mat belonging to a more famous and well-known brand in the gaming field, also given the low cost: the Corsair MM350 PRO is in fact a great mat, designed to last and to match rather well not only with other Corsair products but with any workstation, thanks to a minimalist design (with stitched edges) and a rather sober coloring. Equipped with anti-stain technology to keep any unwanted liquids from flowing away, and micro-textured fabric, the Corsair MM350 PRO is certainly one of the best gaming mats on the market.

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How to choose an XXL gaming mat

Below you will find three simple tips to guide you in choosing a large gaming mat and avoid buying the first one that happens to you. Even if these are products that only once tried can make you understand 100% whether they are right for you or not, there are a series of unquestionable criteria to be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase, and they are precisely the ones below.


It may seem trivial, but it is not: first of all, in fact, you must evaluate what dimensions you really need for the mat you are going to buy. Keep in mind that the "large" mats, i.e. those that also form the basis for the keyboard, require considerable space on the desk: if it is true that for most gamers this space is not a problem, you still need to make a commensurate purchase to your needs. Even among the XXL mats there are in fact different sizes, which best adapt to the different types of desk


The material of the mat is another element to take into serious consideration, perhaps even more dimensions: if, in fact, you don't feel comfortable with a soft mat (or, vice versa, with a rigid one) while playing, then that purchase will never be suitable for you. The material must also be considered in relation to the degree of "washability" of the mat itself: a water-repellent mat, for example, could be less prone to getting dirty.


Even the eye he wants his share, right? Although most of the XXL gaming mats are black, there are in fact  many variations, with different patterns and colors, able to match your workstation more or less well. In short, whatever your tastes, you will certainly find an XXL gaming mat that will also satisfy you in terms of design.

Well-known brands

Our advice, whatever your budget and needs, is to focus on well-known and consolidated brands when choosing an XXL gaming mat. Although at first sight they might mistakenly seem like simple products, which do not require particular characteristics, it is instead a moment to collide with some poor product, which does not guarantee a good glide of the mouse or frays easily at the edges. If you have spotted something interesting from an unknown brand, however, don't back down drastically and try to find some product reviews on the web, to validate or not the actual quality.


As always important and decisive for every purchase, fundamental above all in this case, considering that the object in question is often bought cheaply by the masses and, in general, it is not much compared to exorbitant prices. As you may have noticed, we have kept this aspect in mind in our guide, recommending products of various kinds, with very affordable prices. In fact, if you don't have who knows what needs, a €20 mat could be right for you: you would have everything you need at the expense of average performance, but it's not obvious that you care. You can, of course, go up quite a bit in price, reaching figures that easily exceed €40. In these cases, different needs necessarily arise: in fact, if you are interested in a product that is useful above all for playing, and you want – perhaps – to make it last a very long time, well… we can only suggest the purchase of a more suitable product, in this case the model of Logitech house. Also in this case, therefore, try to better understand your needs.

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