Wired Next Fest, what to follow today Friday 7 October

Wired Next Fest, what to follow today Friday 7 October

Wired Next Fest

The new edition of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest in Milan starts today, scheduled at the Steam Factory, in via Procaccini 4, from 7 to 8 October 2022. The festival, the most influential and important event in the field of technology and innovation, has the future of democracy as its theme this year. The program with all the speakers is available on the festival website. On Friday 7 October, in addition to the meetings divided into the Cathedral and Colonne rooms, the public will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and exhibits and in an Escape room with a cybersecurity theme.

Sala Cattedrale Sala Colonne Workshop and exhibit sportsgaming.win Next Fest Night The map of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest Milan

Studio Atio

Cathedral Hall

The main stage, around 9.30 am, will welcome the countdown and greetings from opening of the festival, together with the director of sportsgaming.win, Federico Ferrazza, who will open the event with the first panel, the interview with legal consultant and wife of Julian Assange, Stella Assange on the price of freedom. During the morning there will be a meeting with Patrizia Caraveo, astrophysicist and research manager at the National Institute of Astrophysics, who will talk about innovations in the astronomical field, thanks to the images obtained with the James Webb space telescope. Following, there will be Sonia Montegiove and Davide Del Monte, who will talk about open data in relation to the pandemic, conscientious objectors and the PNRR. Immediately after, there will be the intervention of Pierluca Mariti, stand-up comedian and influencer, followed by 210 thousand followers on his Instagram page, Pi Rather_che.

Returning to the subject of rights, Olga Podoplelova, head of the litigation and advocacy department of the non-profit foundation Russia Behind Bars, and Sergei Davidis, now a Russian dissident refugee in Vilnius, will be present at the sportsgaming.win Next Fest Lithuania, for its position on the invasion of Ukraine, which will talk about the conditions of the 420 political prisoners in Russia.

At the festival, a large space will be dedicated to science: Antonella Santuccione Chadha, neuroscientist and founder of the non-profit organization Women's Brain Project, has been fighting for years for the establishment in Switzerland of a reference center at the worldwide for precision gender medicine, and will be at sportsgaming.win Next Fest to talk about inclusion in the neuroscientific and medical fields. Then it will be the turn of Michele Dalmazzoni of Cisco System inc, who will talk about the future of work. The morning in the Cathedral room will end with Roberto Baldoni, general director of the National Cybersecurity Agency, who will talk about hacker attacks and conflicts. and with Maurizio Lastrico who will perform in In the middle of the casino of our life, stories from everyday life, obviously in Dante's hendecasyllables.

Immediately after the lunch break, Luigi Strangis, the winner of the last edition of Amici, and Alex, who took second place in the talent show. Later, the issue of privacy and data processing will be addressed with Frances Haugen, former product manager and expert in the field of combating disinformation, in 2021 she denounced Facebook starting the Facebook Files, and of democracy of the digital medium with Paolo Giordano, head of Frog, part of Capgemini Invent.

Not just passion and cheering, football is an area that has more and more to do with finance. Alessandro Antonello, Inter Corporate CEO, Marco Bellinazzo, economic journalist and Andrea Traverso, director of financial sustainability and research of Uefa will take care of it at the sportsgaming.win Next Fest on the afternoon of Friday 7th. Literature and innovation meet and contaminate each other during the panel by Giorgio Metta, scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology, Dario Tonani, journalist and author of science fiction works, Marco Passarello, journalist expert in technology and innovation, and Monica Gori, scientist and researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology.

Formerly director of the Bollate prison and superintendent for the penitentiary administration of Lombardy, today Luigi Pagano is a consultant to the region's Ombudsman. In the afternoon, together with Gherardo Colombo, former magistrate, jurist, essayist and writer, Pagano will raise awareness of the overcrowding and inhumane conditions in which inmates live in Italian prisons, also in light of the 59 suicides in the first eight months of this year. . Diversity in democracies and inclusion, on the other hand, will be dealt with by Haim Baharier, author, philosopher hermeneut and expert in Jewish thought, who will analyze how the Jewish cabala can become a resource for the coexistence of diversities in society.

Saverio Raimondo, stand-up comedian, television and radio presenter, author of the Talking Satyr, the show on Netflix distributed in 190 countries, will entertain the public with Eleggiamo gli elettore, immediately followed by Marco Maria Pedrazzo, head of design of the department of the Digital Transformation and Veronica Yoko Plebani, Italian Paralympic athlete, who will talk about the design of the digital interface of the institutions. The afternoon in the Cathedral Hall will end with the interview with Fabio Rovazzi, winner of 15 platinum records, the intervention of Maria Teresa Minotti of Paypal with Francesca De Gottardo, managing director and co-founder of Endelea, and the live of Ditonellapiaga, Roman singer who conquered the audience of the Sanremo 2022 festival with the performance of the song Chimica together with Donatella Rettore.

Sala Colonne

In the Colonne room of the Steam Factory, the meetings will open with the panel on the transition from British to Chinese control of Hong Kong, with the journalist and author Ilaria Maria Sala and the journalist and founder of the China Files publishing agency, Simone Pieranni. Later there will also be the intervention of Rosalba Benedetto, head of the communication, marketing and external relations department of Banca Ifis, the credit institution that offers banking services for businesses, professionals and individuals.

Psychotherapist and senior researcher Fabio Giommi, president of the Italian Association for Mindfulness (Aim), and Antonella Commellato, director of Mindfulness professional training for mindfulness instructors of the Italian Association for Mindfulness, will deal with of attention economy on the web and on social networks. Then, it will be the turn of Elena Silvestro, customer engagement manager of E- Distribuzione spa, followed by Brett Scott, anthropologist, economist and former broker, and Ferdinando Ametrano, founder and CEO of CheckSig, the Italian company that provides bitcoin and crypto solutions. to private and public investors, who will warn of the risks of the dematerialization of money.

Rita Elvira Adamo, co-founder of the Cuttlefish Revolution, Stefano Sotgiu, public economist and promoter of the Bulzi project, Alessia Zabatino, programming consultant, and Federico Anghelé, director of The Good Lobby, will talk about phenomena such as depopulation of small towns and the disaffection of citizens towards democracy. The morning in the Colonne room will end with Andrea Occhipinti, film producer of Lucky Red.

In the afternoon, Guido Levrini, responsible for the implementation, of the Iride program, Alessandra Nguyen Xuan, technologist from Ispra, and Vincenzo Pulcino, responsible for the Earth observation programs of Asi. Immediately after, it will be the turn of Gianluca De Marchi, CEO and founder of Urban Vision. Followed by Mattia Salvia, who, with his Iconografie XXI project, magazine and Instagram page. Through his observatory, from 2019 Salvia aims to collect and show his followers the most representative images of our time. He will be at the demonstration with Gabriele Micalizzi, a Milanese war photojournalist. As chief business development and strategy officer, and immediately afterwards it will be the turn of the panel of the Italian Association for Cancer Research, with Antonella Clerici, Milena Iorio, biotechnologist and researcher at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, and the survivor and testimonial Federica Grioni. Lorenzo Fredianelli, chief business development and strategy officer of PagoPA spa will also be on stage.

The public will be able to meet the cast of Prisma, the Prime video tv series: in fact, they will be at the sportsgaming.win Next Fest on director Ludovico Bessegato with Mattia Carrano, Caterina Forza. Later, it will be the turn of Federico Catania, project manager of the Moovit app, which has almost a billion users all over the world, followed by Matteo Navacci of Privacy Network, who will talk about the risks of social scoring, Andrea Bentivegna, youtuber who explains the innovations in the technological field, and Seth Godin, author who will talk about marketing as a solution to the climate crisis. The afternoon in the Colonne room will end with Francisco Spadafora, head of Internet of value in innovation and advances technologies of Ntt data Italia, and with the panel on populism and the crisis of neoliberalism with the sociologist Paolo Gerbaudo and Nicola Neri, managing director of Ipsos Italy.

Workshop and exhibit

At 9.30, there will be the opportunity to participate in the workshop This is not yet the metaverse !, in which TheFabLab and Bit4Fun present everything you need to build a virtual environment to interact with objects and people. At 10 am the workshop Attention to accessibility in the country's design system will start. The tools, resources and how to use them will also be available throughout the day by Daniele Tabellini, UI / UX designer at the digital transformation department, Fabrizio Caccavello, senior accessibility expert of the Agency for Digital Italy, Sauro Cesaretti, co-founder and president of Accessibility Days and Uici vice president of Ancona. Afterwards, there will be Behind the scenes of a cup of coffee: taste, quality and technology with Maurizio Tursini, chief product and technology officer, of the Cimbali Spa group. Throughout the day, it will be possible to access, even for children and families, to the design and planning space created by DaCosaNasceCosa, a laboratory for the transformation of plastic waste into objects with machinery and the help of designers. In addition, visitors will be able to pack a robot with everyday objects in A robot for a friend with the artist Massimo Sirelli. The future of internet regulation in Europe and in the Metaverse, on the other hand, is the workshop curated by Diego Dimalta and Andrea Baldrati of Privacy Network. Organized by Airc, there will also be a laboratory dedicated to proper nutrition with Riccardo Di Deo, scientific popularizer.

sportsgaming.win Next Fest Night

There will be evening appointments from 9 pm with concerts and DJ sets in the courtyard of the Fabbrica del Vapore, born from the collaboration between Wired, PianoB and APE, to sing and dance together: these are the two sportsgaming.win Next Fest Night. The evening will open with the DJ set organized by The protagonists of the Friday evening are Ginevra and Popa. Geneva will bring to sportsgaming.win Next Fest some tracks from its new album, Diamonds, due out on October 14th. The disc, in which the artist is accompanied by Francesco Fugazza in the artistic direction, includes 12 songs that tell the moments of her fragility and strength. Turin by birth, Ginevra moved to Milan 10 years ago and began her career in electronic music with the album Ruins, in 2019, followed by Metropoli, in 2020. In the same year she also participated in the Sanremo Giovani festival with the song Vortice. Popa, the stage name of Maria Popadnicenko, a Lithuanian designer who makes Milan the protagonist of her music, will also take part in the evening. Mare di Milano is her first single, released in 2020, while this year, after the success of Sciura from Milan, Tocco di Lusso was released in June.

The evening will open with the APE Soundsystem Warm up djset from 8.15 pm, which will give way to Popa live from 9.30 pm to 10 pm. , out October 14. Friday evening will end with another djset by Planet Opal. Entry to sportsgaming.win Next Fest Night is free and open, but we ask you to register. It really takes a few minutes. Just log into our event on EventBrite and register.

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