Above ground pools | The best of 2022

Above ground pools | The best of 2022

Being the owner of a villa with a swimming pool is everyone's dream, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it for obvious economic or space reasons. However, there is a valid solution for those who want to have this type of pleasure without spending a fortune, namely above ground pools for gardens. These allow you to create a small fun area in the comfort of home and the experience it offers is comparable to that of a real swimming pool. Just like any kind of product, there are numerous brands and models on the market, so we decided to focus on a very specific type of pool, selecting for you the best above ground pools that you can buy right now, taking into account different sizes in to meet everyone's needs.

Read also: Garden pools | The best of 2022 A good above ground outdoor pool must have adequate dimensions based on the number of people who intend to join in the fun, as well as be made with resistant materials and have accessories such as the ladder to enter and exit comfortably. We must not underestimate the presence of any supports on both sides designed to further stabilize the structure and make it safe even in the most carefree moments. Usually, all of these features are found in expensive products, but brands like Intex and Bestway have proven that they can make good models at a reasonable price.

By purchasing one of the models in this article, you are sure to bring at home a swimming pool capable of entertaining family and friends by spending an unforgettable summer. In addition, to make the purchase as simple as possible, we have made sure that the suggested items are available on the main stores, so you will also have the maximum guarantee if there is a problem with shipping or of any other type.

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The best above ground pools

Intex 28202 Intex 28272 Intex 26792NP Bestway Hydrium 53369 Bestway 5647 Bestway 56623

Intex 28202

We start the list by suggesting one of the best inexpensive above ground pools you can buy, suitable for those with limited space or a tight budget. The dimensions of 305 x 76 cm should be sufficient for at least 3 people. The design is circular in shape, while the tubular structure is composed of independent pieces of strong and durable steel, painted with epoxy resin that protects the metal from rust. The claddings are made with three layers of premium quality extra-strong PVC and polyester, offering great resistance over time and the wall thickness of the cladding is 0.50 mm. It is also worth underlining the presence of the filter pump, although it is a model with a ridiculously low price (about € 100).


Intex 28272

The second model that we believe is worth considering is very similar to the previous one, with the main difference that this 'last is rectangular in shape. Its dimensions are 300 x 200 x 75 cm, which makes it a suitable pool for three or four people. The features are almost identical to the one mentioned above, so it boasts the same strong and durable steel tubular structure. It is easy to assemble, thanks to the presence of a handy instruction manual and installation takes about 30 minutes with the help of another person.


Intex 26792NP

This is the model to look out for if you have a little more space and want a pool with dimensions which allow a comfortable entry of 5 people. Unlike the first two, this one has a ladder in order to facilitate entry, also because the height of the structure begins to become important as it exceeds one meter. If you want to enjoy a refreshing summer with the whole family, this is the model to consider. The total dimensions are 488 x 244 x 107 cm and it is supplied with a series of accessories, including the cartridge filter, cover sheet and a DVD with video instructions for assembly.


Bestway Hydrium 53369

With this model the fun begins to reach important levels, since we are talking about a pool with dimensions that exceed 6 meters long, therefore it is particularly suitable for those who want to have an experience, even if small, of a real swimming pool. Like the Intex models, Bestway's above ground pools have been designed to have excellent resistance and to last a long time, thanks to the advanced Seal & Lock system, which avoids friction between metal parts and the creation of rust in the connections. . The structure boasts metal supports on both sides, with the purpose of stabilizing the ground connection, and the set obviously does not lack the filter pump, as well as a cover, safety ladder, a dispenser to keep the pool water clean and a repair patch, ideal for repairing any holes. In this case, the price is starting to become important, but we are still talking about a high level product able to satisfy many people.


Bestway 5647

If the space available is not a problem and you want to make a good impression on your neighbors (if you have any), then you cannot fail to consider this model of over 7 meters in length. This is one of the best above ground pools you can buy and is perfect for a large number of people. Obviously there is no shortage of accessories such as the safety ladder, sand filter pump and cover. It is made with an innovative material that the company calls TriTech, consisting of three overlapping layers welded together: a polyester mesh core enclosed between two sections of laminated PVC. This particular configuration offers the maximum in terms of solidity and resistance, as well as guaranteeing exceptional durability. In short, it is the perfect model to organize summer parties and to spend unforgettable moments.


Bestway 56623

The Bestway 56623 is nothing else than the previous model but with a length of over 9 meters, which makes it probably the largest above ground pool you can buy. Being the structure based on the smaller sister, we find the same characteristics and configurations, namely a reinforced three-layer material, the presence of a sand filter pump and a safety ladder. Although it is huge, it can be assembled in about 30 minutes with the help of 2 or 3 people.


How to choose an above ground pool

After informing you which are the best above ground pools, we believe it is right to list the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a pool, in order to avoid the risk of taking home a solution that does not suit your needs . Fortunately, the factors to keep an eye on are few, but fundamental in order to guarantee fun and maximum safety.

Which type of above ground pools is right for me?

When is it right? speaks of above ground pools, it is important to exclude all inflatable solutions, since the latter tend to be much more delicate than those with a rigid structure. It is therefore worthwhile to rely on a model that has excellent resistance, with special tubes and materials designed to support the edges of the pool. Furthermore, the choice of a model with a rigid structure becomes almost mandatory if you usually make continuous use of the pool during the hottest months.

What about the shape instead? As you know, there are round and rectangular pools. The choice depends almost exclusively on your preferences, although it must be said that, usually, the larger models are made in a rectangular shape, the only advantage of which is to allow you to swim back and forth.

What must be the dimensions of the above ground pools?

The dimensions play a decisive role in the final choice and that is why we believe it is useful for you to know what are the minimum dimensions that a pool must have to meet your needs. Of course, a lot depends on the number of people who decide to join. We can say that a 3-meter swimming pool is perfect if the number of participants does not exceed 3. If the number of people is greater, we recommend that you consider a pool whose length is as close as possible to 5 meters. Finally, if your goal is to gather a large group of friends, then we suggest you focus on a solution of at least 7 meters.

Depth is also worth considering, especially if the pool will also be used. the children. In this regard, too high a depth, such as that typical of larger models, may not be recommended, unless you are willing to purchase an outdoor inflatable pool separately, which are usually shallower and suitable for younger people. Also keep in mind that the larger the size, the greater the amount of water, which could increase the costs of the water bill. A pool of about 3 meters in length needs about 4000 liters of water to be filled.

Hygiene and maintenance of above ground pools

Since above ground pools need a constant maintenance, it is necessary that the model you have chosen integrates as many tools as possible that will allow the pool to remain clean without you having to do numerous interventions. In this regard, it is preferable that the pool is equipped with filters that allow a continuous recirculation of clean water and, possibly, a repair patch, ideal for repairing any holes. It is very important that the pool is equipped with all this, especially if it is large in size.

What accessories should above ground pools have?

Last but not least, a great pool outdoor above ground must have a series of useful accessories to ensure that you can make the most of it. One of the accessories that must not be missing, especially if we are talking about a generously sized swimming pool, is the ladder, which will allow you to enter and exit without danger. Also not to be underestimated is the presence of a lower sheet, useful for not dirtying the pool if you place it on an earthy surface.

If you buy a large pool and plan to use it for the whole season, then you should also consider the pump filter as one of the fundamental accessories for an above ground pool. If your aim is to entertain children, through a compact solution, you can do without the pump filter, as it is possible to empty, clean and fill the pool with extreme ease. However, larger models, which require large amounts of water, will benefit from a pump filter, allowing you to use the pool for an entire season.

How to install an above ground pool ?

The correct way to install an above ground pool may vary depending on the model. However, the assembly process is quite standard and applies to both PVC and steel frames. After cleaning the air and checking that the ground is smooth, you must first spread the pool cloth on the ground and place the base of the pool above it. At this point it is necessary to connect the metal parts to the base and around the perimeter of the pool. Once this is done, the vertical side components must be connected to the lower part of the frame. Be sure to read the directions, as the metal rods all look similar, but in reality they often differ in size and must be aligned correctly for the pool to be stable. At this point you will have to install the coating on the walls and, when the work is completed, the pool should have a balanced shape and the walls should all be of the same height.

Where to place the above ground pool?

An above ground swimming pool must not be positioned in the first useful place, but on a surface as flat as possible, in order to prevent the unevenness of the ground from unbalancing its weight, risking to yield the part where the water will tend to accumulate more. In addition to this, a non-optimal positioning will ruin the fun, due to the fact that the water will be poorly leveled. The ideal would be to place the pool on a concrete surface, but obviously this is not always possible, so at least make sure that there are no stones, gravel and twigs on the ground.

How to clean a pool above ground?

In general, above ground pools can be cleaned using the same tools and methods as in-ground pools. You can use a pool skimmer, which draws water from the surface of the pool and sucks it through the filter. Another option is a pool hose, which attaches to the pool filter or vacuum cleaner, sucking up the debris. You can also use a net to manually catch leaves, insects, dirt and all kinds of debris.

How do you drain an above ground pool?

First, unroll the suction hose of the pump, bringing it as close as possible to the center of the pool. Point the outlet of the tube towards an area away from the pool, so as not to flood the rest of the property. Then plug the pump into an outlet and let it run until the pool is completely empty. This may take several hours, depending on the size of the pool. Once emptied, turn off the pump and the work will be completed.

How many years does an above ground pool last?

The average life of an above ground pool is around 10 years. However, if you buy a quality model and take good care of it, the pool will be usable for many more years, just like any other product. In addition, it would be preferable to replace the liner at least once during the life cycle of the pool, since vinyl liners usually last between 6 and 9 years.

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