Wired Next Fest, live from the second stage

Wired Next Fest, live from the second stage

Wired Next Fest

As every year, the Milanese appointment of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest returns, the most influential event on technology and innovation. The festival will be held from 7 to 8 October at the Steam Factory in via Procaccini 4 and the program is constantly updated. Admission is free, upon registration on the site.

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Friday 7 October

Friday 7 it will be possible to follow the second stage of the event in the Colonne room of the Steam Factory, and in streaming, the interventions of some experts and figures of reference in science, innovation, the struggle for rights and the economy, such as the journalist and author Ilaria Maria Sala and the journalist and founder of the China Files publishing agency, Simone Pieranni. Following, there will be Sonia Montegiove and Davide Del Monte. Immediately afterwards, Nicola Tasco, tax lawyer and President of Lazio Innova Spa, the Lazio innovation and development company, and Roberta Lombardi, Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation of the Region, will be on the stage of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest.

There will also be psychotherapist and senior researcher Fabio Giommi and Antonella Commellato, director of Mindfulness professional training. Then, it will be the turn of Elena Silvestro, of E-Distribuzione, followed by Rita Elvira Adamo, Stefano Sotgiu, Alessia Zabatino, Federico Anghelé. The morning in the Colonne room will continue with Andrea Occhipinti, film producer of Lucky Red and Gianni Canova, film critic and rector of the IULM in Milan, and, finally, will end with Brett Scott, anthropologist, economist and former broker, and Ferdinando Ametrano, founder and CEO of CheckSig.

In the afternoon, Guido Levrini, head of the Copernicus program financed by the European Union and ESA, Alessandra Nguyen Xuan, technologist from Ispra, and Vincenzo Pulcino, head of the Earth observation programs of Asi will talk about constellations . Immediately after, there will be the turn of Mattia Salvia, founder of Iconografie XXI, magazine and Instagram page. He will be at the demonstration with Gabriele Micalizzi, a Milanese war photojournalist. As chief business development and strategy officer, Lorenzo Fredianelli will also be at the sportsgaming.win Next Fest, followed by the panel of the Italian Association for Cancer Research, with Antonella Clerici, Milena Iorio, biotechnologist and researcher at the National Institute tumors of Milan, and Federica Grioni, who will bring her experience. The public will be able to meet the cast of Prisma, the Prime video tv series, and Ludovico Bessegato, Mattia Carrano, Caterina Forza will be at the sportsgaming.win Next Fest.

Later, it will be the turn of Federico Catania, project manager of the Moovit app, which has almost one billion users all over the world, followed by Andrea Bentivegna, youtuber, Matteo Navacci, of Privacy Network, who will talk about the risks of social scoring and Gianluca De Marchi, founder of Urban vision. The afternoon in the Colonne room will end with Francisco Spadafora, head of Internet of value in innovation and advances technologies at Ntt data Italia, and with the sociologist Paolo Gerbaudo and Nicola Neri, CEO of Ipsos Italia.

Saturday 8 October

Saturday 8 will be in the Colonne room Marcello Ascani, youtuber, content creator and entrepreneur, who will be with the guys from the Audi We generation project, of which he is mentor. Following, Alessio Del Bue, researcher in charge of the Pavis laboratory of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, and Gabriele Balbi, associate professor in media studies at the University of Italian Switzerland in Lugano. Later, tiktoker Arnold will talk about the moments with his family that he shares with his followers on a daily basis. Saturday morning will end with Davide Dattoli, founder and CEO of Talent Garden, Elena Garbujo, Swappie's country manager Italy since March 2021, and Sara Jaffe, independent journalist.

After the break, the afternoon will open with the intervention of Jonathan Zenti, writer and author of podcasts, and the journalist Francesca Berardi. Then it will be the turn of Guido Di Fraia, founder and CEO of the Iulm Ai lab artificial intelligence laboratory. There will also be Roberto Sommella, director of Milan Finance, Andrea Minuto Rizzo, Head of Institutional Affairs of the European Union and International of the Italian State Railways and Riccardo Staglianò, envoy of the Republic. This will be followed by meetings with Guido Alfani, full professor of Economic History at Bocconi, who will talk about the condition of the middle class starting from the data of the Credit Suisse Research Wealth Report 2022, according to which 45.6% of private assets are in the hands of 1% of the population, and the one with Micol Beltramini, author and designer, Maicol and Mirco, authors of Maicol and Mirco's Scarabocchi, and the cartoonist of Chinese origin, Yi Yang, who boasts collaborations with various newspapers and various publications, including EasyBreezy.

The afternoon will end with Marta Cuscunà, author and performer of visual theater, artist associated with the Piccolo theater in Milan, Massimiliano Pagani and Massimo Temporelli, who will deal with scientific research and dissemination, Giordano Fatali, founder of CeoForLife, and Stefania Vismara, executive director of White. Finally, Barbara Di Prete, Davide Crippa and Fabio Carella will close.

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