Teacher's card, how to shop on Amazon

Teacher's card, how to shop on Amazon

Teacher's card

World Teachers' Day is an occasion like any other to remember how this category can take advantage of the teacher's card bonuses also for online purchases - and specifically on the Amazon ecommerce platform. Here the annual sum of 500 euros reserved for teachers working in Italy can be spent by completing a few preliminary steps.

Unlike what you imagine, this special contribution is not like a simple virtual credit card ready for use, but it must be used through a specific procedure: the most famous e-commerce portal in Italy has set up a system that makes this process quite simple to purchase for products or services. With the teacher's card you can buy various types of goods on Amazon, ranging from books to software to hardware devices.

But who can access this initiative? What steps to follow to use the teacher card to buy on Amazon? What devices are available? How do the return policies work? We try to answer the most common and widespread questions to dispel any doubts and not miss a precious opportunity to improve your technological equipment and access a wide range of promotions.

Who can access purchases with teacher's card on Amazon

The teacher's card is an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with law 107 of 13 July 2015 (Buona Scuola), and is designed to promote updating and training of the following professional figures:

full-time and part-time permanent teachers of educational institutions with permanent contracts of state educational institutions; teachers who are in a training and trial period; teachers declared unsuitable for health reasons (Article 514 of Legislative Decree 16/04/94, 297 and subsequent amendments); teachers in positions of command, secondment, out of tenure or otherwise used; teachers in schools abroad; military school teachers; The teacher's card can only be used if you also have your own spid which will be used to verify your digital identity on the institutional bonus portal. Once accredited there, it is possible to continue with the actual procedure that leads to purchasing products on Amazon.

How does the procedure for purchasing on Amazon work

Despite the bonus, the premise from to do is that the Amazon account must still be assigned a valid payment method (credit card, Postepay card or Paypal). Then you can proceed with the activation of the voucher.

From the institutional page of the teacher's card, you must create a voucher with a minimum value of 1 euro and full type (for example 13 or 27 euro but not 13, 4 or 27.9). You will get an alphanumeric code and a QR code, which can be downloaded as an image file or as a pdf; for Amazon it is sufficient to copy the alphanumeric code. From the dedicated Amazon site you must then convert the voucher into an Amazon code (note: one or more could be issued to make up the total, for example for 15 euros you can receive one for 10 and one for 5), by pasting the code alphanumeric and indicating your email address. The Amazon code can therefore be used with your users to make purchases by pasting it in the entry Enter a promotional code or a gift voucher at the time of payment. Any extra value will remain available for any other purchases valid for the program. It goes without saying that this contribution is strictly personal and you cannot resell the Amazon code or pass it on, exchange it or transfer it to third parties.

Those who no longer intend to use the Amazon code - for example due to an afterthought on a product or lack of availability - can take the opposite route. Just a reconversion on the teacher's card balance by filling in the relative form accessible on this page: the amount of the code returns to the general availability of the teacher to be spent elsewhere.

Which products can be purchased on Amazon

And now the most important question: what can you buy on Amazon using the teacher's card? There is a very convenient page that groups everything that is compatible with this contribution, each product or service is distinguished by a special mark that certifies the inclusion, which is also specified in the description. First of all, the bonus can be spent without problems for the purchase of books in paper or digital format by fishing, from the catalog on Amazon (also in a foreign language) and from the page dedicated to Kindle eBooks, or you can opt for software such as antivirus; the voucher cannot be used with accessory products such as warranty extensions or breakdown coverage or subscription to subscriptions.

Among the Amazon-branded physical products, the various Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets are also compatible with the contributions. , while in the hub page of the initiative you can find all the other compatible offers.

Tablets include the various iPads and Android devices; Among the monitors included those of brands such as LG and Samsung; Notebooks include Windows laptops, Chromebooks and Macbooks; Scientific calculators cover all types and genres; Graphics tablets are represented by Wacom models; The 3d printers are almost all under the 500 euros of expense; In the event of a return, you will receive a refund in the form of a new replacement Amazon code of the same amount, within two weeks, which then must be used only and only for the purchase of items in the categories part of the initiative within its terms: therefore August 31, 2023 relating to the school year 2022/23.

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