Prime exclusive offers, the sites to find the really advantageous ones

Prime exclusive offers, the sites to find the really advantageous ones

Prime exclusive offers

The Prime Exclusive Offers are upon us: the autumn replica of the Amazon Prime Day has been announced for Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October and will see thousands of products of all brands and all types discounted. In reality, the absurd amount of promotions in the catalog has always been one of the most confusing aspects of these days announced by Amazon for Amazon Prime members: in particular, some discounts are not so advantageous compared to the previous and subsequent period, and a purchase which is perceived as urgent in reality it can very well be postponed.

Beware of inflated discounts

The reason is simple: the portal displays the discount percentages applied to an item by comparing them with its price at the time of entry into the market - and therefore not with the immediately preceding price. To give an example, a 33% discounted gadget during the Prime Exclusive Offers could already be present on Amazon for months discounted by 30%: in this case, those who launch on the promotion do not really save a third compared to those waiting for the end of the balances to weigh the purchase.

Many of the discounts, however, are authentic, or in any case significant compared to the prices previously charged on the portal and by other online retailers. will follow the event closely with dedicated galleries, precisely to separate the unmissable opportunities from the inflated discounts; However, those who want to go solo into the jungle of promotions still have tools at their disposal.

Trackers to follow prices

They are websites called price trackers, which follow the trend of the cost of a given item to reveal which are the maximums and minimums previously touched; in this way it is possible to know if the price displayed at a given moment is truly an unmissable bargain or is similar or even higher than that of a few weeks before.

How they work The operating mechanism is simple. As obsessed users, these sites compulsively visit the pages of every single hosted product and record its price. The values, saved in a database, can be consulted at will by users in a practical chronology in the form of a graph: in this way, with a simple glance you can already understand if the analyzed offer is really attractive or if it can be ignored. There are several similar sites online, but two of the quickest, simplest and most complete to use are definitely CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.


It is one of the pioneering portals of the concept of tracking prices on Amazon, and despite a decidedly sparse graphical interface it remains quite simple to use. It works like a search engine, with a box in which you can put the name of the product you are interested in or - in the case of Prime Exclusive Offers - the exact url of the item in promotion, with a copy and paste from the page of Amazon.

CamelCamelCamel returns a descriptive card of the product, to verify that there have been no errors in the search, accompanied by a graph that shows the trend of prices in recent months and highlights the minimum and maximum prices touched in the same period. You can change the time scale to go even further back in time or show how prices are being charged by third-party retailers and on Amazon Warehouse. Additional features include a notification service to know when an item falls below a set price threshold and a browser extension that displays CamelCamelCamel charts directly on the retailer's page.


A more complex tool is Keepa, also valid for those who decide to browse the pages of the ecommerce giant outside the confines of the exclusive Prime Offers. The interface is more complex, even if the basic functioning remains the same: to reveal the price trend of products on Amazon just visit the search section, where you can paste the url of the offer in question or the generic name of the product .

The graphs show the price trend of the new and used product (sold through the Warehouse service), while among the additional options that differentiate Keepa from its rival CamelCamelCamel there is a smartphone app. which allows you to use the service comfortably even from your phone.

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