Son Goku Super Saiyan 2, the exclusive figure that you will find at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Son Goku Super Saiyan 2, the exclusive figure that you will find at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Son Goku Super Saiyan 2

We continue our Dragon Ball themed reviews with one of the most interesting pieces that Bandai and Tamashii Nations have decided to propose this year, Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 Event Exclusive. This new edition of Kakarotto transformed into the second level Super Saiyan brings some aesthetic changes in the hair coloring but, much more evident in the chest sculpt.

The figure is part of the S.H. Figuarts that for more than 10 years has collected the best characters drawn from the universe created by Akira Toriyama and transforms them into collectible pieces full of details and accessories to be able to recreate the most famous clashes of this legendary saga.

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Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 - The character

Having arrived on planet Earth to conquer it, following a sudden fall, little Kakarotto totally loses his memory and is raised by Son Gohan in the mountains. With the terrestrial name of Son Goku he will be faced with ever greater challenges, starting from the search for the dragon spheres up to protecting the earth from threats from other planets. In the Dragon Ball Z series we discover that Son Goku is actually an alien from planet Vegeta, thus explaining his innate abilities and incredible strength compared to other warriors we have come to know. Son Goku, following the loss of his friend Krillin, manages to go beyond his limits by transforming himself into the mythical Super Saiyan, a warrior who before him belonged only to myth and legend. The second form of the Super Saiyan, called Super Saiyan 2, differs in a greater movement of the hair upwards and the presence of lightning that surround the body of the Saiyan.

Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 - Event Exclusive -

The packaging of the Event Exclusive editions is clearly different from the regular editions, first of all the main theme of the graphics is black, used in contrast with some colored elements that used together they outline the silhouette of the included character, in this case Son Goku. From the box it is possible to appreciate the visible contents thanks to the transparent part placed on the front together with the various logos of the Bandai companies, Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Z and the Exclusive Edition plate. The sides of the box show on one side the name of the product and on the other a photograph, which we then also find on the back, of the figure together with the aura effect included, this time there is also that, but we will dwell in a few lines. .

Before even talking about the action figure, let's pause for a few moments on the blister, divided into two parts, in which in the first there is Goku, four pairs of hands, three faces parts and lightning bolts for the aura effect, in the second blister there is only the aura effect for the Super Saiyan effect

The figure

Extracted from the blister and positioned in front of the aura effect, the figure gives a truly remarkable glance. The aura effect, proposed in this new and unprecedented version, is slightly more curved, also ensuring greater stability and balance. Placing the lightning bolts inside it is not a difficult operation but be very careful because this type of plastic if you do not heat it first (use a hair dryer) could be too hard, thus stressing the material that you are going to fit together and facing danger. breaking. The structure of Goku's body is the same already used for the previous version of Super Saiyan 2, however some aesthetic changes have been applied to improve the overall impact such as the tear on the Gi. This tear is caused by a Yakon blow in the Majin Boo saga, where Son Goku initially returns to participate in the tenkaichi tournament thanks to the help of the sorceress Baba, (in fact the figure also has the typical halo of those coming from the afterlife) to then end up catapulted into the umpteenth quest. In addition to the chest, the hair has also undergone a slight restyle, improving the tufts on the forehead and inserting the hole for the halo.

So if the sculpt has remained largely unchanged apart from the few elements described above, of the coloring could we say the same? The figure does not have enormous differences with the previous ones released and does not even stand out for further enrichments such as light or shadow effects but reveals in front of us a lighter than usual and very bright hair color with reflections that in front of the light return a pleasant slightly effect metallized with matte finish. The honorable mention we reserve for the figures is for the representation of the faces, probably among the most successful of the entire range of Goku present in the S.H. Figuarts. In addition to the classic serious face, there is a face with an open mouth, one with an expression of amazement and a last with a defiant smile (which also made us smile a little because the smile vaguely recalls the Amazon logo). | one, we can only point out the lack of accuracy in hiding the cuts of the molds clearly visible on the side of the hair. We have not yet expressed opinions on posability because the figure is in fact composed of the reuse of a body present in many other versions of Goku and therefore very posable, without a doubt but for a figure that has this type of aura effect it is practically a must to position it standing as he charges his enormous and boundless power.


After Shenron and Majin Boo, Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 Event Exclusive also enters our hearts as one of the best figures in the line and whether you are a completist or an occasional collector, if you pass through Lucca during the days of the event, we recommend that you visit the friends of Cosmic Group at their Tamashii Nations Stand in Piazza San Pietro Somaldi where you will find these and all the other incredible collectible exclusives.

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