LEGO calls Veronica: it's Hulkbuster time!

LEGO calls Veronica: it's Hulkbuster time!

LEGO calls Veronica

LEGO addresses Veronica as Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron (visible on the Disney + platform) and brings us a new, mighty, massive version of the Iron Man armor known to Marvel fans (and more) ) as Hulkbuster. The monumental LEGO Marvel set # 76210 Iron Man Hulkbuster was unveiled a few minutes ago and will be available for purchase soon.

The set.

The cockpit located in the chest of the armor can obviously be opened to appreciate the interiors, but not only: it can accommodate Tony Stark already dressed in Iron Man's armor. It is possible to place the Iron Man Mark XLIII armor buildable model from LEGO Marvel # 76206 Iron Man Character at the controls of the Hulkbuster (

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LEGO Marvel # 76210 Iron Man Hulkbuster

The features.

Age: 18+ Measurements: 52 cm high, 57 cm wide and 24 cm deep Pieces: 4,049 pieces Price: € 549.99

The LEGO Marvel Iron Man Hulkbuster set has a price of € 549.99 and will be available exclusively on and at the LEGO (Certified) Stores for members of the LEGO VIP program only from November 4, 2022, while it will be available to everyone starting November 9. br>

A bit of history.

It was designed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner precisely and specifically to respond to an eventual and irrepressible fury of the Hulk. The Mark XLIV armor (44th), renamed the Hulkbuster precisely because it is intended to counter a possible out of control Hulk, is a modular armor that can be worn by Toby Stark when he is already inside another Iron Man armor, such as for example the Mark XLIII (43rd). Using Tony Stark's self-contained Autonomic Prehensile Propulsion Technology for the Iron Man MK XLII armor (the 42nd, seen during the Battle of New York against Loki and the Chitauri), each section can fly towards the user from a launch capsule hovering around the combat zone and automatically assemble into the Hulkbuster armor.

The armor has been specifically designed to match the incredible superhuman strength of the Hulk and is powered by eleven Arc Reactors, which guarantee the necessary strength for this task. One of the modules of which the MK XLIV Hulkbuster is composed is the pneumatic hammer arm (jackhammer in English), a sort of ram operated by hydraulic pistons capable of delivering repetitive blows and using fists like a pneumatic hammer. The assemblable parts that compose it can autonomously reach the armor of Iron Man who will have to wear it.The armor was built to be much more resistant than all the previous ones and to withstand the most extreme damage, just like those provable by the brutal attacks of Hulk. If the armor suffers serious damage, Veronica responds to the command of the authorized user by sending spare parts to replace the damaged ones. To give the armor time to reach its operator, containing the destructive fury of the Hulk, in addition to throwing the components of the mammoth armor, Veronica also releases on the Hulk himself the set of walls of a self-assembling electrified cage that forms a prison of containment for the green giant.

The MOCs of AFOL Designers.

Marco de Bon is an Italian AFOL Designer, one of the best creators of MECha's MOCs. He grew up watching cartoons of Japanese robots, and as a collector of many action figures, models and chogokins, he tried to make some mecha with LEGO bricks, and found that they could work surprisingly well!

After making a micro LEGO Iron Man, he thought about designing his own version of the Hulkbuster. As soon as he got his hands on a copy of the LEGO set # 76105 Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, he immediately started working on it, heavily modifying it to be 280mm tall, fully articulated and with his micro Iron Man as a pilot ( which is 10 cm high). For some details such as the chest, back and upper legs, Marco was inspired by other “non-LEGO” toys such as those of Hot Toys and Threezero. Marco's mission was to create a heavy and brutal Hulkbuster, with a dynamic touch in the poses. What are you saying? Mission accomplished?

Marco's gallery on Flickr can be found at this link, while if you want to buy the digital copy of the Brick Journal magazine (N.75 - September 2022) containing the complete interview with Marco (from which is the image below) and a fantastic insight into brick mecha, you can find it at this link.

Previous sets.

To quote Happy Hogan, “We just need to load up Tony's old Hulkbuster armor,” this isn't the first time LEGO has produced a brick version of the monumental Mark XLIV armor. In some cases the Designers were inspired by the armor seen in the films of the MCU - Marvel Cinematic Universe, other times by "unleashing" their imagination as a Designer by producing alternative versions of Buster, that is, powerful armor "wearable" by Avengers or superheroes already in armor. Let's go find them together.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76031 Attack with the Hulkbuster

The Hulk has been trapped by Scarlet's powers, ready to strike him with an electric shock if he tries to escape ! She wears Iron Man's Hulkbuster and rushes to rescue him before it's too late. Watch out for Ultron's airstrikes. Move the Hulk's arms and legs to put him in fearsome battle poses and grab the villain with powerful hands. Includes 3 minifigures: Iron Man, Ultron and Scarlet, plus the Hulk figure, with assorted weapons and accessories. The set is inspired by the clash between Tony Stark and the Hulk in the streets of Johannesburg seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron and is complete with the model of the containment cage for the Hulk released from the Veronica platform along with the elements that make up the Hulkbuster MK44.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76104 Duel With The Hulkbuster

The set reproduces Iron's armor Man MK XLVIII (Hulkbuster 2.0) piloted by Bruce Banner in Wakanda, battling the fighters sent by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and in Avengers: Infinity War. It is equipped with an opening cockpit and a hammering arm operated by a control on the back. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76105 Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition The set reproduces the large version (measuring 25cm high, 10cm long and 22cm wide), very detailed and full of features of the Iron Man Mark XLIV armor seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The model features a swivel chest, operable fingers, posable articulated arms and legs, posable feet, as well as fluorescent elements. The set also includes a buildable operating platform model, complete with attachment points for posable robotic arms and Tony Stark's desk, plus the exclusive Iron Man MK43 minifigure.

Below, we can find the various" alternative "versions of Buster designed by the LEGO Designers in the meantime that the various films were arriving in theaters or the TV series were landing on streaming platforms.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76124 War Machine Buster

Designed to operate in the Quantum realm and launch into battle against the Outriders to save Ant-Man, the War Machine Buster can give War Machine "an edge". Cockpit, 6-shot rapid shooter, 2 gripping hand guns and opening compartment for extra ammo make it a mecha you can't mess around with.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76164 Iron Man Hulkbuster Vs. Agent A.I.M.

Recreate the great combat scenes of the MCU - Marvel Cinematic Universe with this set that allows you to build a poseable and posable version of Hulkbuster. The model can accommodate an Iron Man or Rescue minifigure (aka Pepper Pott wearing Iron Man Mark XLIX Mark XLIX armor). The Hulkbuster's armor features movable limbs and, if the kids want more firepower, they can place the Rescue minifigure in the turret with integrated shooter.

LEGO Marvel # 76194 Iron Man Sakaarian Tony Stark set

The set consists of 369 pieces, with which you can build a mecha in the style of Hulkbuster armor, very articulated and posable. If the gameplay requires speed and power, the mecha transforms into a powerful car. The cockpit of the mecha can hold a Tony Stark minifigure. In addition to the Tony Stark minifigure, the set also includes Valkyrie and Uatu the Observer minifigures. The hypothesized scenario is that of a Tony Stark building a Hulkbuster-style mecha with the livery based on the Sakaarian colors, aided by Valkyrie. To observe everything, worthy of his name, the mystical Observer.

LEGO Marvel # 76201 Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper

The set consists of 343 pieces, with which it is possible to build a mecha in the style of the Iron Monger armor seen in the first Iron Man movie. The cockpit of the mecha can contain the minifigure of Steve Rogers. In addition to the Steve Rogers minifigure, the set also includes Peggy Carter minifigures as Captain Britain and Red Skull, the latter complete with Tesseract. The scenario that is hypothesized with this set is that in which it is Peggy Carter who takes the Super Soldier serum (becoming Captain Britain), leaving Steve Rogers in his role as a "simple" human being and thus making sure that, just like Tony Stark, do you need an armor to fulfill your duty as a defender of humanity?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes # 76190 Monger Unleashes Chaos

While not a "Hulkbuster" in the strictest sense of the nickname, we couldn't help but close our list of Busters. Based on scenes from the first Iron Man movie, the set reproduces Iron Monger, an armor made by Obadiah Stane based on the prototype Iron Man armor designed by Tony Stark to escape from captivity in the cave. The mecha's ARC reactor lights up and arms and legs are articulated and posable. The model is complete with a 6-shot shooter on the right arm and a 3-shot shooter on the left arm. The set includes the minifigures of Iron Man, Obadiah Stane and Pepper Potts.

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