Inflatable outdoor swimming pools | The best of 2022

Inflatable outdoor swimming pools | The best of 2022

The swimming pool is one of the most beautiful things to have inside or outside your home and, for many people, it turns into a fun center during the summer months. Of course, not all homes can have one, but those who have a small garden or sufficient free space can decide to install one at a reasonable price. The market offers many solutions in this regard, with models able to adapt according to your needs. In this regard, we have already reported which are the best above ground pools, but with this article we want to focus on the best outdoor inflatable pools.

Read also: Garden pools | The best of 2022 Although both have the same goal, which is to entertain you, the inflatable pools do not have the same characteristics as those above ground. As you can already guess from the word, the former must be inflated, while the latter are based on a rigid structure, complete with support on the sides. As you can imagine, both have advantages and disadvantages and that is why buying a swimming pool must be done with your entertainment needs in mind.

An outdoor inflatable swimming pool is preferable for those with limited space or for those who use it sporadically, since it is much easier to move and costs much less than an above ground model. On the other hand, however, they tend to be much more delicate, being designed with not very resistant materials and not designed to last several years. However, thanks to our careful research, you will be able to buy the best outdoor inflatable pools, thus having the certainty of bringing home a quality solution that will entertain you.

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The best outdoor inflatable pools

Intex 58484 Intex 56475 Intex 57190 Bestway Fast Set Jilong 17449EU

Intex 58484

The first inflatable pool model that we recommend has a rectangular shape, whose dimensions of 305 x 183 x 56 cm make this a suitable model for those looking for a swimming pool that can accommodate 4-5 people without difficulty. Aesthetically, it is very simple and has no special features, but it boasts 3 air chambers, each with a dedicated valve in order to speed up the inflation phase, as well as guaranteeing good impact resistance. The water capacity exceeds 1,000 liters and is recommended for ages 6 and up.


Intex 56475

If you intend to relax in the pool, as well as splash water everywhere, the Intex 56475 is the model we recommend. Its 4 seats on the sides, combined with the headrests, will allow you to sit and be comfortable for as long as you want. In addition, it has 2 cup holders, useful when you feel the need to cool off. The resistance of the pool is good, boasting a double layer, as is the load capacity, which reaches almost 900 liters of water.


Intex 57190

If your garden or terrace is perfect for a round-shaped pool, we suggest you consider the Intex 57190 which, in addition to boasting good impact protection, has an armchair and a backrest , excellent for couples looking for maximum relaxation. The dimensions of 229 x 218 x 76 cm mean that the water capacity is 640 liters, a capacity suitable for 2 adults or 4-5 children.

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Bestway Fast Set

If you are afraid that the delicate materials of an inflatable pool can break in a short time, we recommend that you consider the Bestway Fast Set which, while falling into the category of inflatable pools, has a base rigid, much more resistant than the aforementioned models, with the inflation phase occurring only in the upper part. Furthermore, given that the water capacity supported by this specific model reaches important values, it is supplied with a filter pump, which has the purpose of keeping the water always clean. Also noteworthy is the presence of a patch for repairs, useful if there are small punctures.


Jilong 17449EU

As the latest model of our list dedicated to the best inflatable outdoor pools, we recommend the Jilong 17449EU, a very generously sized pool, typical of above ground models. The measurements are in fact 540 x 304 x 106 cm, but it is worth pointing out that this model is available in even larger dimensions, up to a maximum length of over 7 meters. Being of this size, the structure is self-supporting and has a safety ladder, as well as a filter pump, necessary to eliminate impurities and debris. A swimming pool, therefore, suitable for those who want to have fun with the whole family through a solution that is easy and quick to install, just like the inflatable models.


How to choose the inflatable outdoor pool

After having listed which are the best outdoor inflatable pools, it is time to show you the main factors to take into consideration when choosing a model belonging to this category of pools . Just like above ground pools, you have to pay attention to a few but important features, in order to avoid finding yourself with a pool that is so fragile that it forces you to throw it away after a few days of use.

What structure a pool should have outdoor inflatable?

Since we are talking about inflatable pools, the first thing to do is to exclude the above ground pools, since the latter are designed to remain positioned in a fixed point for several months, unlike the former which enjoy a better ease of use, as well as take up less space and therefore suitable for those who want to have fun on the terrace or in the small garden of the house. Some inflatable pools have walls located on the more fragile side, which means you should avoid leaning or sitting on them. If the pool is also used by children, and this is almost certainly the case, keep in mind the importance of always having an adult supervisor nearby.

How many rings should inflatable outdoor pools have?

When it comes to inflatable pools, it is very important to check how many rings a pool has. The rings are nothing more than the walls of the pool, that is, those that will be inflated with air. Basically, our advice is to avoid models characterized by a single ring, since they have very limited resistance and it takes very little to make them pierce, with all the consequences that will ensue. Relying, therefore, on models with two or three rings is the best choice, because they tend to offer greater protection against shocks, as well as the possibility of continuing to use the pool if a ring should be punctured. The water, in fact, will only go out from the ring involved and not from the entire pool, as is the case with a single ring solution.

How big should the outdoor inflatable pools be?

Although the size of an inflatable pool does not play a fundamental role like above ground pools, it is good to consider a model whose size is not exaggerated, since these types of pools tend not to have a system of water cleaning, so if you opt for a large model it could be difficult to keep the internal water in good condition, forcing you to carry out continuous maintenance, as well as increasing the risk of punctures for the reason mentioned above.

What accessories should inflatable outdoor pools have?

Since inflatable pools are very compact, the accessories play an almost insignificant role, but it is good to check if a swimming pool for the same price ina has some sort of accessories that could make a difference compared to a model that does not have one. In this regard, accessories such as cup holders, seats and headrests integrated into the pool can certainly increase the value of the product.

How to maintain your inflatable pool

Proper maintenance of the pool will ensure that the water remains fresh, clean and safe for fun. The skimmer and pool nets are essential for collecting large debris. A water filter, on the other hand, could be a good ally for effectively cleaning the water. Either way, the cover is the easiest way to keep your pool clean and keep it away from leaves, insects and dirt when not in use.

To keep the water sanitized, we recommend that you regularly monitor levels of pH and chlorine. Chlorine helps disinfect the water, while the pH levels indicate the quality of the water. If the latter becomes too acidic it can cause irritation to the balls. Pool experts recommend 1 to 3 ppm of chlorine, but the amount needed depends on how many liters of water the pool contains. Since chlorine is a chemical, it is always best to consult an expert before using it.

Factors such as rain and chlorine can alter pH levels, which are measured using a scale from 0 to 14. Lo zero equals acid, while values ​​above 7 indicate water is alkaline. It is crucial to keep the levels around 7 to avoid skin and eye irritation. Add acids or alkalis according to the situation.

How to install an inflatable pool

We all want our pool to be installed in the correct way, in order to take full advantage of it and reduce the risk of punctures . In this regard, we recommend scanning the ground for anything that could puncture or tear the bottom of the pool, such as small rocks, stones, etc. You should also clean the ground and consider using a cloth to put under the pool, so that there is an additional layer of protection. We remind you that this type of pools are very delicate, so they need the utmost attention. A mat, of any type, offers good protection against accidental tears and punctures, but it must be large enough to cover the entire surface of the pool.

In addition to setting up the pool in a point where there are no stones and rocks, you should always place it on flat ground for a number of reasons that we will report below. The most important relates to the weight of the water, which will put pressure on the lower wall of the pool if the latter is not positioned on the plain, risking deforming the coating of the structure. In addition to risking damage to the pool, this will drastically reduce its longevity.

If the pool is located in a non-flat area, water will accumulate at one end. In all likelihood, this will result in small water leaks, which will make you waste time filling the pool. In some cases, the water at the end could totally pour over the edge of the pool, causing a lot of pressure on the lining and on the inflatable rings. Inflatable pools are not designed to withstand this type of pressure, which is why it is very easy to damage them, so make sure your pool is at an even level before you start filling it.

How to disassemble a pool inflatable

Unlike the above ground counterparts, it is very easy to disassemble and set aside the inflatable pools, since it is enough to open the valve located under or next to the pool to let the water out. Once this is done, it must be deflated using the appropriate rings, which can be located in different points depending on the model. After this second step, you can fold the pool on itself, always paying attention to any debris scattered around. It is advisable to wait for the pool to dry completely before folding it, as humidity could cause some parts to stick, with the risk of damaging them. If you are in a hurry, you could sprinkle it with talcum powder, which helps to make it slide better and therefore reduces the risk of damage during disassembly.

When to change the water in an inflatable pool?

If using chemical cleaners, the water should be changed approximately every two weeks. If you have a small paddling pool and you don't use chemicals, the water should be changed every other day.

How long do inflatable pools last?

Generally, inflatable pools can last. 2 to 5 years, depending on how maintenance is done and how they are used. The structure, material and dimensions can affect the longevity of the product.

Differences between an inflatable and above ground pool

Although both can be used outdoors, these two types of pools present enormous differences, which substantially involve the structure. Inflatable models have the characteristic of not having a supporting structure making them, in fact, very simple to assemble but also less resistant, and that is why they are usually recommended for a limited number of people, as well as almost exclusively dedicated to the youngest. The above ground models, on the other hand, are larger, more resistant and almost always integrate a filter pump, which is essential to keep the large amount of water in good condition. The disadvantage is that they are more demanding to assemble and much more expensive than the previous ones.

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