Gotham Knights: Trophy and Platinum Guide

Gotham Knights: Trophy and Platinum Guide

Gotham Knights

Problems with the platinum of the first adventure of the wards of Batman, Here is the guide to the trophies of Gotham Knights with all the information you need to be able to get every single trophy and quickly unlock the platinum. Gotham Knights (here our review) contains 49 trophies: 39 of which bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum trophy: let's find out together.

Gotham Knights: bronze trophies

Complete dossier 01: Batman's last case

Whispered words

Complete dossier 02: the white rabbit's lair

Under key

Complete dossier 03: in the shadow

Complete dossier 04: the masked ball

Hidden within the walls

Complete dossier 05: the court of owls

Without voice

Complete the dossier 06: Jacob Kane

Complete Dossier 07: The League of Shadows

The Knight of Gotham

Complete Dossier 08: The Demon's Head

The Victor-IA perfume

Discover a new problem at S.T.A.R laboratories

Quart (z) or century crisis:

Investigate the hustle and bustle at Quartz Labs

Calm the hot spirits

Bring a prisoner back behind Blackgate bars

Laugh, clown

Meet an unusual source at Blackgate Penitentiary

QaoS total

Discover a self-help program on the streets of Gotham

Circus phenomenon

Stop a presentation at the Monarch theater

Obstacle from a-rgill- are

Find a supervillain who shouldn't be in Gotham City

The show (not) must go on

Destroy a movie set and infuriate the director

The Bat-family

Play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood
Training pays off

Complete all 16 exercises in the training area

Here are all the training missions in Gotham Knights: | Perfect Perfect Attacks Chain Attacks Fear The first 10 challenges (up to momentum skill: piercing) are available from the start; the rest of the challenges are unlocked by doing the Momentum Skill Challenges.

Gotham City confidential information

Find all audio recordings of Bruce Wayne

Recordings can be found in following neighborhoods:

Financial District Financial District The Cauldron Southside Old Gotham Tricorner Island Bowery Otisburg West End Gotham Heights Bristol Bristol Entry 1 only appears after completing case number 01.

Registrations from 2 to 5 appear only after finding entry 1 and returning to the bell tower.

Entries 6 to 9 appear only after finding all records 2 to 5 and returning to the bell tower.

Recordings 10 to 12 appear after finding recordings 6 to 9 and returning to the bell tower.

Iron Alibi

Successfully protect Batman's secret identity

To get re this trophy it is necessary to solve 5 different tasks in order to protect Batman's secret identity.

These tasks become available after completing Case 01 and become immediately available to the player:

West End West End Southside Old Gotham Financial Districts Full throttle

Complete all Time Trials with the Batcycle

To get this trophy you must complete all 7 Time Trials with the Batcycle.

The 7 challenges are located in 7 different neighborhoods:

North Gotham Otisburg Old Gotham Tricorner Island The Cauldron Financial District Bowery The challenges become available after completing case number 03.


Unlock Knight with Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood

A worthy heir

Unlock the final rank of the Knight skill of all members of the Bat-family

First step to knighthood

Unlock a skill for the first time

Unstoppable Force

Unlock all four momentum bars as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood

Family Reunion

Defeat 30 godmothers of evil

Electroshock at will

Defeat 45 electrocutors Inspectors


Defeat 30 drone lords Inspectors


Defeat 30 Bulldozer Freak

With Tied Hands

Defeat 45 assassins and 30 launchers of the League of Shadows

The Man-Bat-family

Defeat 10 Man-Bats in Gotham City

Shoddy Artillery

Defeat 40 Fierce Claws, 25 Gladiator Claws and 15 Hunter Claws

In your element

Apply any elemental effect to enemies 50 times

I claim my superiority murals

Discover all the murals of Tim's “Murals of Gotham City” project

In the video above find all 12 locations of the various murals that are scattered around Gotham City :

2 in The Cauldron 1 in Financial District 2 in Old Gotham 1 in Bowery 1 in Otisburg 2 in West end 1 in Gotham Heights 1 in Bristol 1 in Robinson Park. Faculty of History

Locate all the historical places of Gotham City

In the video above you will find all the historical places of Gotham Knights:

5 at Southside 3 at The Cauldron 4 in Financial District 6 in Old Gotham 4 in Tricorner Island 3 in Bowery 5 in Otisburg 2 in West End 4 in Gotham Heights 2 in Robinson Park 2 in Bristol Batarang Collector

Recover all hidden Batarangs in Gotham City

Inside Gotham Knights there are as many as 60 Batarangs that can be recovered, scattered throughout the various areas of the city.

The Batarangs are scattered in groups of 12 throughout the various macro areas of the city. , with about 6 batarangs per district.

The video above contains all the positions and for more details we refer to the guide dedicated to the topic.

I know everything about (f) ardo

Find all the missing pages of the legendary Historia Strigidae

To get this trophy you need to get all 42 pages of the historia strigidae And; you can find everything you need in the video above.

The first pages of this collectible can be found after completing case 02 and it will be the game itself that suggests its position with a white pointer.

The pages of the historia strigidae are divided as follows:

3 in Bristol 1 in Robinson Park 3 in Gotham Heights 5 in West End 3 in Otisburg 4 in Bowery 3 in Tricorner Island 6 in Old Gotham 6 in Financial District 5 at The Cauldron 3 at Southside Guardian of Gotham

Complete 50 challenges

Merger experience

Get 50 modchips via modchip fusion

Gotham Knights: silver trophies

Snow alert

Stay cool and weather the storm at Elliott Center

Universal health care

Visit Gotham City General Hospital after visiting hours

Under the stone lies the clay

Solve the case at the Gotham aqueduct

End of a 'was

You complete it all supervillains dossiers

Passionate momentum

Unlock all momentum skills as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood

Not if I'm here

Successfully foil all premeditated crimes in a single night

Dress properly

Create a complete legendary gear set (suit, melee weapon, ranged weapon)

Gotham Knights: Golden Trophies

He'd be so proud of you

Reach the max level with any bat-family member

Expert watchman

Prevent 250 crimes in Gotham City

Gotham Knights: Platinum Trophy

Heir to the Hood

Obtain all Gotham Knights trophies

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