Exclusive Prime offers, the trick to start shopping with 15 euros in credit

Exclusive Prime offers, the trick to start shopping with 15 euros in credit

Exclusive Prime offers

In a few hours the Prime Exclusive Offers will begin, the autumn discounts marathon that the ecommerce giant Amazon organized with the same formula as last July's Prime Day: starting from midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 11 October, thousands of products will be present. on the site will be the protagonists of promotions that will run out after 48 hours.

Many users will flock to the group's digital windows to start the pre-Christmas shopping, but not everyone knows that shopping can begin with a positive balance: a 15 euro credit that can be earned without spending anything, in a few minutes and even fewer clicks.

The 15 euro credit for free on Amazon

The trick is unrelated to the Prime Exclusive Offers, but still refers to another service offered by Amazon to customers of the Amazon Prime fast delivery service. This is Amazon Photos, the cloud image storage service that is offered free to all Prime customers. To invite users to try its storage space, Amazon offers a 15 euro credit in exchange, to be used to make purchases on the ecommerce portal; the only request to be fulfilled is to upload at least one image, any image, within the service.

The last time Amazon launched a similar promotion was on the occasion of July's Prime Day, but then the guaranteed credit was 10 euros. This time the process doesn't change: to redeem the bonus just visit the Amazon Photos page and follow the instructions on the screen. The new credit available will then appear among the payment methods chosen for your account, when purchasing the goods inserted in the cart on the ecommerce portal.

What you can buy with the 15 euro bonus

The money is not loaded on the personal account of the users, but on the Amazon account, and can therefore only be used within the portal of ecommerce and with some restrictions. In particular, the credit can only be used if the goods meet two criteria: they have a price of more than 30 euros and are sold directly by Amazon.

First of all, the possibility of dividing the bonus into several parts to amortize is thus excluded more than one expense. Secondly, some types of products remain out of the offer: from those marketed by third-party sellers to returns sold through the Amazon Warehouse platform, up to digital content, Gift Vouchers, books, some spirits and items for children.

Who is not eligible

Not everyone can take advantage of the 15 euro bonus trick. Since this is an initiative aimed at making Amazon Photos known, those who have already tried the archiving service in the past cannot collect the credit. Amazon Business users are also excluded from the promotion.

The other conditions The credit, specific to Amazon, is not necessarily used during the exclusive Prime Offers, but has a duration limit. First of all, after uploading the photo and after receiving confirmation from Amazon it must be used within 7 days; Furthermore, it can only be redeemed until 11.59pm on October 31st, and in any case it can be used until 11.59pm on November 15th. The other conditions are however all readable on the promotion page.

What to buy during the Prime Exclusive Offers

Here things get complicated. The 48-hour event will in fact feature thousands of products in dozens of categories, making it difficult to find the best discounts. There are two solutions: spend hours combing through each category by browsing directly on the portal or rely on the sportsgaming.win guides that will select the most interesting promotions based on discounts and the quality of the items.

In the first case, the page access to Prime Exclusive Offers will be activated tonight after 11:59 pm; in the second case, the sportsgaming.win selections on the best offers of the event will also be online at the same time, which can also be followed from our Telegram channel.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

Subscription to Amazon Prime is at the heart of both initiatives: both access to Amazon Photos and the discounts of Exclusive Offers. To complete it, just follow the instructions on this page: new members will be able toa> take advantage of a free trial period of 30 days after which, if they have not canceled the renewal, they will be enrolled at the price of 49 euros per year or 4, 99 euros per month. For students the offer is more advantageous: the trial period is tripled and the prices are halved.

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