Boris 4: here is trailer and poster of the Italian series of the year

Boris 4: here is trailer and poster of the Italian series of the year

Boris 4

Come on come on come on! ! Finally, after unspeakable waits and whispered prayers (so softly that even Marilita Loy could not hear them), Boris is back, the (out) Italian series that changed the television landscape back in 2007, and which is revived with an unreleased fourth year on the 26th. October on Disney +. Three seasons have passed and a film dripping with evil wisdom, merciless satire and a real manual of memorable jokes that have become imperishable catchphrases and Boris, again signed by Mattia Torre, Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo, returns to the small screen to tell the world of entertainment Italian with a sardonically truthful look. The fourth season will tell the return of the historic René troupe on a set. “In the meantime, however, the world and television have changed. Social media, influencers and various streaming platforms dictate the law. How will our protagonists face this new world? "

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The official synopsis reads:" It's been over ten years and everything has changed. The dying generalist TV - with its good doctors and anti-drug lectures - is even more dying and even René and his friends now work for a global platform. The series that René has to shoot this time is Life of Jesus, from an idea of ​​Stanis La Rochelle. Who will not only play the protagonist, famously dead at 33 when he was 50, but also as a producer, with his SNIP (So Not Italian Production). Stanis founded it with Corinna, who has also been his wife for some years. The writing of Vita di Gesù has been entrusted to the usual three screenwriters. Co-producer and organizer is Lopez, who, retired from the Net, has reinvented himself as a producer with his QQQ (Quality, Quality, Quality). "

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Already these premises make you shiver, evoking the infinite ego of the inept and pompous actor Stanis now equipped with an upgrade as a producer, but above all paired with the cursed bitch (it can still be said in the era supercorrettissimo?) colleague Corinna. However, the surprises don't end. The rest of the synopsis explains "The opportunity not to be missed is that the most important European platform is seriously considering the project but, before the final green light, the approval of the scripts (the 'lock') by the 'Algorithm. Everything seems to be going well but what will it mean to work under this new owner? René will be able toa> take advantage of this new opportunity to shoot a series of quality at last, but above all, will ours be able to adapt to the world that has changed so quickly? "

The trust of the series' loyal audience - and those who will be new followers - in the unsinkable director René is boundless, and we can't wait to put up with it - it will be better all at once as the formed by the show's binge watch suggests, or rather sip? - the fourth season, filled with familiar faces. We find in fact Francesco Pannofino (René), Pietro Sermonti (Stanis), Alessandro Tiberi (Alessandro), Caterina Guzzanti (Arianna), Carolina Crescentini (Corinna), Karin Proia (Karin), Antonio Catania (Lopez), Ninni Bruschetta (Duccio), Paolo Calabresi (Biascica), Alberto Di Stasio (Sergio) and the rest of the cast (but the painful absence of Roberta Fiorentini's seraphic Itala weighs heavily). Boris 4 is produced by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment, a company of the Fremantle group and is available on Disney + from 26 October. Are you ready for "dismantling"?


Fifteen new Tory peers set to be appointed from list drawn up by Boris Johnson

Queen Elizabeth II death © PA Queen Elizabeth II death

Fifteen new Conservative peers will be appointed within days, according to a leaked list dominated by supporters of Boris Johnson and Brexit.

The former prime minister is set to trigger a fresh cronyism row with the post-exit reward for his backers, also ignoring a cross-party agreement to slim down the bloated House of Lords.

Paul Dacre, the former editor of the Daily Mail, will be made a Tory peer, the list says – Mr Johnson having failed to ease him into the post of chairman of Ofcom, the media regulator.

He will be joined by the businessman and major donor Michael Hintze, who has given the Tory party £4.7m according to the Electoral Commission database.

Andrew Roberts, the historian who has praised Mr Johnson, and Tony Sewell, the lead author of the controversial report that found no evidence of institutional racism in Britain will also get peerages.

Five former Tory MPs on also on the list, obtained by The Daily Telegraph: Stewart Jackson, Hugo Swire, Angie Bray, Graham Evans and Nicholas Soames.

Mr Jackson served as chief of staff to David Davis when he was Brexit secretary – but Sir Nicholas, Winston Churchill’s grandson, was stripped of the Tory whip by Mr Johnson for opposing a no-deal Brexit.

There are to be eight new Labour peerages, proposed by Keir Starmer, including former deputy leader Tom Watson, and Ruth Smeeth, a former MP who suffered antisemitic abuse.

Two senior union figures, the head of the Trades Union Congress Frances O’Grady and Dave Prentis, former general secretary of Unison, are also being sent to the Lords.

Mr Johnson was advised to boost Tory strength in the Lords to help him ram through controversial Brexit bills to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol and for a bonfire of retained EU rules.

And the “political peerages” are likely to be followed by resignation honours, which the former prime minister has been planning – despite being forced out of No 10 by scandal.

They are tipped to include his key ally Nadine Dorries, the former culture secretary, and a second ultra-loyal minister Nigel Adams – which would hand Liz Truss the poisoned pill of perilous by-elections when her government is in crisis.

Highlights from Boris Johnson's farewell speech outside Number 10






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Arlene Foster, the former Democratic Unionist party first minister of Northern Ireland, is expected to become a non-affiliated peer.

Dominic Johnson, who set up the investment firm Somerset Capital Management with Jacob Rees-Mogg, the business secretary, has already been handed a peerage to become a trade minister.

Other Tories on the list include the director of the thinktank Politeia, Sheila Lawlor, and Ruth Lea, the economist and former civil servant.

Sharon Taylor, the leader of Stevenage council, Sonny Leong, the co-founder of SME for Labour, and Fiona Twycross, the London deputy mayor for fire and resilience, will be made Labour peers.

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