What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend?

We have arrived at the first weekend of August and many video game fans will be on vacation, or forced inside due to the too much heat. While some may take advantage of the good weather to get away from technology a bit, many others will want to take advantage of this period to play a little, especially at the weekend. So tell us, what will you be playing this weekend of August 6, 2022?

It hasn't been a very busy week in terms of publications, as you might expect, but still some interesting titles were not lacking. One of the recently released games is South of the Circle, an interesting narrative adventure that takes us to the South Pole and tells us a simple but interesting story. In our review we explained that "South of the Circle is as good today as it was years ago. The PC version slightly improves the graphics and is perfectly playable even without the use of the touch screen or the" mobile approach ". It can be played in small bites or as a movie to be completed in an evening or two. If you don't have access to Apple Arcade and have yet to try the State of Play story adventure, now you have no more excuses. Only avoid it if you can't stand a limited gameplay or if you want every single choice to have a huge impact on the scenes and storyline. "

How not to mention Hard West 2, of which we have - in our review -: "Hard West 2 is a very solid and very challenging strategy, characterized by a good story and interesting adventure aspects, which can also affect on the other elements of the experience. The exploratory phases in the open map are not beautiful to see and often express sketchy and simplistic mechanics, but once on a mission the situation changes radically and all the tactical RPG peculiarities of the title developed by Ice come to light. Code Games. That said, the difficulty level can be excessive, forcing you to proceed through a thousand trials and errors by reloading your saves: not an insurmountable problem if you like challenges, but we would have preferred a less ruthless approach. "

Hindsight The week has also been able to count on another quality game, Hindsight, of which we have proposed our review: "Despite being an av relatively short venture (it took us just under an hour and a half to complete the game entirely), its themes and the way it exhibits them make Hindsight a pleasant experience, capable of thrilling the player without the aid of elaborate animations , intricate dialogues or stylistic complexity. A calm narrative voice, a functional visual style and an impeccable rhythm, punctuated by a cleverly composed soundtrack, are enough to make a story common to everyone just enough to touch the heart of those who watch it. "

Many could also use the period to recover old games, perhaps with discounts. The backlog is always very long after all, so tell us, what will you be playing this weekend of August 6, 2022?

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