When will we see K-2SO in Andor?

When will we see K-2SO in Andor?

Since its announcement, Andor has been accompanied by a doubt that Star Wars fans have long sought to unveil: the presence of K-2SO. As anyone who saw Rogue One remembers, K-2SO, played by Alan Tudyk, was Cassian Andor's faithful robotic companion, a presence that was immediately dismissed at the announcement of the Rogue One prequel series, but by the recent statements of Tony Gilroy, Cassian's screenwriter, was revealed when we see K-2SO in Andor, as the droid will make an appearance in the second season of the series.

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It's official: in the second season of Andor we will see K-2SO

Confirmed that the series dedicated to the rebel operative played by Diego Luna will be a narrative arc of 24 episodes divided into two seasons, the presence of K-2SO in the second part of this story seems to be linked to a debut of a certain depth, considering that the droid, originally, was a security model in force in the imperial armies. Over the past few months, Tudyk, teased several times on the subject, has never let anything leak out, but apparently his silence hid the plans for the second and final season of Andor.

Tony Gilroy wanted to explain the reason of the presence of K-2SO in the second season of Andor, also motivating his absence in the first narrative arc of the series:

"From the point of view of storytelling, there are many reasons, I would like to tell you 'wait and see' . It is a story that we are eager to be able to tell. It's hard to walk around accompanied by an Imperial security droid without calling attention, it's really bulky luggage. When we make it appear, we will do it in a spectacular way instead of staging it and ignoring it, or showing it and then ignoring it. "

On the other hand, the series is set five years before Cassian's mission to recover the plans of the first Death Star, and Andor's first season covers only a year. In this phase of his life, for Cassian Andor to already have K-2SO by his side would be out of place, as the interpreter of the character himself, Deigo Luna pointed out:

"We are five years before the events of Rogue One. If he already knew K-2SO, there wouldn't be a journey, a story behind their meeting. We chose to start the story with a Cassian very different from the person who might know how, or be motivated to, reprogram an Imperial Droid. ”

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