One Piece arrives in Bari with a culinary event by the sea!

One Piece arrives in Bari with a culinary event by the sea!

Among the most loved manga in the world there is undoubtedly One Piece (which you can retrieve on Amazon), the work of Eiichiro Oda, thanks to its 500 million copies sold worldwide and a boundless number of fans who follow the adventures of Luffy and his crew since 1997. The distinctive elements of this successful series are friendship, pirates, sea adventures based on incredible battles and challenges and food, lots of food.

All the details of the event and the menu

Luffy is in fact part of that kind of characters who are always hungry and able to devour enormous quantities of food, also and above all thanks to his extraordinary powers . One Piece, in addition to being a manga of adventure and friendship, is also a manga where there is no shortage of festive occasions. It is thanks to this specific aspect that Ojisan, a Japanese cook specializing in manga and anime dishes, has for some years been organizing and bringing the One Piece themed show around Italy.| ); }

The event will take place on a splendid terrace by the sea to make the party even more piratical and evocative and will be hosted by the White Bar, in via Grotta Regina 2 in Torre a Mare (Ba).

At the event you will be able to taste the Manga Meat, or that huge piece of meat roasted from whose sides spit bones and which is a typical dish of anime, okonomiyaki, one of Luffy's favorite dishes, maki of rice and nori seaweed and a surprise themed cake

The event menu includes:

Okonomiyaki (seen in the sixth film): okonomiyaki is a mixture of batter, cabbage and other ingredients such as bacon, meat or fish cooked on the plate and drizzled with okonomi sauce and mayonnaise. The dish is then finished with a sprinkling of katsuobushi, the typical and very thin tuna flakes that “dance” with the heat. Manga Meat: Luffy and his companions' favorite meat. It is that huge piece of meat from whose sides the bones sprout. Ojisan is the only one in the world to have made it with a real piece of meat flavored with spices, cooked like a ham and then served on a bowl of warm and soft white rice with plenty of sweet and sour sauce, in the Japanese style. Tsunamaki: rice and seaweed rolls stuffed with tuna, for a taste of authentic Japan. One Piece Cake: A fluffy soft Japanese-style cake (but shrouded in mystery).

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