Time leaps and diversity for the House of the Dragon series

Time leaps and diversity for the House of the Dragon series

Thanks to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, we discovered some goodies about the highly anticipated HBO Max series, House of the Dragon. First of all, it is good to talk about its structure: do not expect a new Game of Thrones because the setting will be much more similar to that of The Crown, the Netflix series. Inside, in fact, there will be several multi-year time jumps, including one of about 10 years in the middle of the first season. In addition, there is no shortage of important changes in the cast, which counts among the female protagonists the presence of Emily Carey, Milly Alcock, Olivia Cooke and Emma D'Arcy.

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The new House of the Dragon series

We also know that House of the Dragon will see a number of births. Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik confirmed this, recalling that "in the Middle Ages childbirth was violence". His words are as follows:

It is as dangerous as it seems. You have a 50% chance of making it. There will be a few births on the show and we basically decided to give them different themes and explore them from different perspectives, just like I did for numerous battles in Game of Thrones. House of the Dragon won't show a great deal of sex, but it will still represent the sexual violence inherent in its medieval-inspired fantasy world. We will not ignore this aspect, we will shed some light on it. It shouldn't be minimized or glorified.| ); }
I loved Game of Thrones, but my only thought was: 'where are everyone else in this world? Because Martin has created a diverse world, if you look beyond Westeros, and I think this series comes close to that universe. '

George R. R. Martin talks about the series

Beyond these wait, there's a question that might get its way into fans' minds: Has George R. R. Martin seen anything from the new series yet? How did he react to it? According to the report by The Hollywood Reporter, the author of the novels has already been able to take an in-depth look at the first nine episodes of the series, and said he was enthusiastic about the final result:

It's powerful, it's visceral, it's dark, it's like a Shakespearean tragedy. There is no Arya, there is no character that everyone will adore. They are all imperfect. They are all human. They do good things. They do bad things. They are driven by lust for power, jealousy, old wounds, just like humans. Just like I wrote them in the books.

House of the Dragon series
We knew he would be divisive. Obviously, you would like all the fans to be happy about it, but that will never happen. There were not too many people discouraged or upset. It's a shot that bodes well, but it probably doesn't fully reflect the feelings of the viewers.

Read also: Where and how to watch House of the Dragon in streaming Finally, the authoritative newspaper has signaled that the plot of the civil war in House of the Dragon could span only three or four seasons of the HBO series. This does not mean that at that point the story will have to end, also because, as already revealed, there will be crazy time jumps. So, after the civil war, we could see a time jump forward or backward useful to tell other events of the Targaryen dynasty, perhaps with a cast renewed over the five seasons.

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