7 sites for last minute holidays

7 sites for last minute holidays

A few days off suddenly and the desire to escape from the heat and take refuge in the sea arrives. Or to enjoy the coolness of the mountain. With the last minute, things have changed compared to the early 2000s, when flight and hotel comparators practically did not exist. Someone also used the web to check, from page to page, the offers for last minute holidays: travel, that is, with departure within a week and discounted prices. Which could become very obvious in the case of the last second, starting within three or four days, sometimes even a few hours. The spread of comparators has simplified things. Just enter the dates, and the search engine returns the best offers. But there are still sections dedicated to last minute travels and some ad hoc sites.

A few common sense rules Before giving you a list of some of the main last minute holiday sites to organize the summer, however, it is worth remembering a few common sense rules dictated by experience. First of all (and it is not trivial), it is good to check that it is really a last minute. This type of offer must clearly show the starting and final price of the product. Otherwise, it is just advertising (conducted with questionable practices).

Second rule: the price shown must be the one actually paid at check out. If on the way to the virtual cash desk you continually find ticks that add costs for basic services, we are talking about something different. A decoy, reminiscent of the model of low cost airlines. Third: check carefully what the holiday includes. If the flight is included, if there are transfers (sometimes the discounted residences and hotels are not easy to reach), if half board or full board. The operation can become unnerving and leave you with the anxiety of having done something wrong: be careful, also because remedying can be costly. Fourth and last: offers that are too good to be true are in all likelihood not.

Lastsecond.it Historic site, which mixes online and offline with nine physical locations. It is not an ecommerce, the staff is keen to specify, but a site made up of people. The founder, Cesare Geli, has been riding the web wave since the dawn. Geli says he is convinced that the digital hangover is passing. The turnover? "It is difficult to say whether it comes more from the network or from physical agencies," he said in an interview with Ttg Italia. He is right about one thing: with the right strategy, the two aspects can integrate. And having a solid reference, an interlocutor in flesh and blood, can make the difference for those looking for reliability and, above all, the certainty of having no problems.

Piratinviaggio It has versions in ten countries, attractive graphics and many proposals. The social strategy and the creation of a community have great importance in the strategy of the group (which has its headquarters in Berlin). The offers are also available on social media.

FlyKube For those who really love surprises. Travel companions, dates and departure airport are chosen. The destination will be communicated by the company only two days before boarding. Clearly, this is a product recommended for people with a flexible mental approach and who love the unexpected. There are, however, options to exclude destinations or departures at particular times. Among the most interesting packages, Surprise Multi-Destination, which includes two, three, four or five destinations chosen from a list of twenty in Europe. Paris and Athens? Madrid, London and Amsterdam? Prague, Lisbon, Budapest and Copenhagen? With a little fatalism, it could be an experience to remember.

E-dreams The popular portal also has a section dedicated to last-minute offers. It is worth taking a look at it if you need to book a last minute vacation. You might find the right opportunity.

Alpitour The advertisements of this tour operator have remained in the collective imagination. “Do-it-yourself tourists? No Alpitour? Ahiahaihai… ”, read the historic slogan. The web was still far away and there were no reviews. Today as then, Alpitour offers all-inclusive holidays. In the last minute section, dedicated to departures within a few days, you can also save a lot without sacrificing comfort. Clearly, the site is aimed at those who have the opportunity to spend a few euros more so as not to give up on services.

Voyage Privé Also in this case we are talking about stays in comfortable, medium and high range accommodation. Voyage Privé is a club and to access the offers you need to subscribe to the service. There are many proposals on the French site born in 2005, from South Tyrol to Mauritius, from Greece to Indonesia. On some offers it is possible to cancel the reservation without justification up to 48 hours before departure. The graphics are curated and include a detailed travel program.

Poracci on the road The nice name should not be misleading. On Poracci in Viaggio you will find very respectable offers. Of course, there is an eye for small budgets. But this site maintains the spirit of when it was founded a few years ago from a travel blog by two young Neapolitan university students: Nello and Alessia. Today the site has grown and an app has been added, but the spirit remains to offer holidays at discounted prices, in many cases last minute.

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