The absurd conspiracy theory on Beyoncé's new album

The absurd conspiracy theory on Beyoncé's new album

Last week Beyoncé released her seventh studio album, Renaissance. If the hidden messages in the disc's various promotional images are correct, the end of the world predicted in the Apocalypse is imminent.

Or at least that's what some people are convinced of. After the theory that Beyoncé is a member of the Illuminati sect, which has been circulating on social media for years, now the internet gives us a new plot: Beyoncé is not going to rule the world, she is just trying to let us know that it is ending. br>
Beyoncé on the cover of the Renaissance album - Cr: Parkwood Entertainment / Columbia Records.

It all started with the photos riding the pop star. The cover of Renaissance features a memorable shot of a half-naked Beyoncé in high heels and riding a silver horse. On the English cover of Vogue this month, however, she is portrayed riding a red horse. Newsweek provides the missing details: "In July 2020, Beyoncé was riding a white horse in the musical Black Is King, while in August of the same year she posed with a black horse for Harper's Bazaar." The conspiracy theorists of the network must have thought that the images represent a clear reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Beyoncé appears on a white horse, one red, one black and one with a more gaunt complexion: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. According to popular culture, the advent of the four horsemen heralds the near end of the world.

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According to the interpretation of a user of TikTok, Beyoncé is in fact announcing the realization of the events described in the Book of Revelation (where the Bible prophesies the death of a third of the world). If the topic appeals to you, you can immerse yourself in a 42-minute video on YouTube that says "Beyoncé will open the gates of hell in July" (we're in August, apparently we escaped).

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Writer Titi Shodiya, who retraced the steps of Beyoncé's career on the Dissect podcast, argues that the conspiracy theories about Beyoncé and the 'Apocalypse are the natural continuation of those about his membership in the Illuminati. "She is so good at what she does, she has so much influence and power, everything she creates is so well done" - she explains Shodiya -. Most people don't understand how a person can always get everything right. To compensate for our insecurities, we repeat to ourselves: 'It's impossible'. There must be something magical surrounding her, or it is the Illuminati. "The reality, however, is that Beyoncé is a hard worker, has a very serious approach to her work, takes all the time she needs and surrounds herself. people who are talented and trustworthy.

Beyoncé is too good. She is never wrong. She is not one of us. If the most popular opinions about the singer are also added to the photos with horses and the trend well-proven of celebrity plots, some people find it not that hard to believe that "Beyoncé is proselytizing about the end of the world." When asked directly, Shodiya laughs, "No, I don't think - she's really telling us that the Apocalypse is near, he says -. But I'm open to other interpretations. "

The new conspiracy theory seems to be an evolution of the absurd demands that some fans make of their favorite celebrities. As reported by Gabriella Paiella of The Cut in 2019, the most elated followers of various stars, from Sandra Oh to Timothée Chalamet, have asked their favorites to harm them in the most diverse ways, by hitting them or hammering them.

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And this was before the pandemic. Perhaps today's hardcore fans don't just want to be murdered by their idols, they want their favorite celebrities to exterminate everyone. Or, it is possible that who is convinced that the world is collapsing is secretly happy to receive confirmation from such an authoritative source. Several posts on Twitter seem to confirm the phenomenon: "Beyoncé riding the four horses of the apocalypse is proof that and we are about to be eliminated ", writes a user, while there are those who comment:" I love Beyoncé in the version of a knight of the apocalypse. Oh Queen, make us disappear ”. Even some of the most fervent conspiracy theorists who fear Beyoncé's dark powers seem to welcome her prophecy of divine devastation. In her interpretation of the horse theory, YouTuber Shelby Ellimac referred to a meme that empires would generally last 250 years, pointing out that America has existed for 245. "The United States is definitely an empire, and it is the time has definitely come - he ruled -. We need a reset ".

Pending further communications from Beyoncé on the end of the world, Equestrian Living magazine recently questioned the relationship between the pop star and horses , which dates back to March 2004, when Beyoncé, who recently became a soloist, "performed in her hometown, Houston, at the Livestock Show and Rodeo", riding a horse in what is "one of the major exhibitions of cattle and rodeos competition in the world ". The truth, however, may not be so apocalyptic: as a good Texan, Beyoncé simply likes horses.

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