The 5 best comedy movies about parallel realities to recover after Parallel Lines

The 5 best comedy movies about parallel realities to recover after Parallel Lines

Cinema has always played with the fictitious temporal dimension of its own stories, generating an experimentation that has been going on since the early twentieth century, starting with those who began to work and study with the cinematographic medium, and then grasp all the potential they extracted later, over time. With the camera, in fact, you can not only try to imitate reality, but you can literally shape it on a figurative level. This has led to all those stories that start from premises very close to the viewer, and then draw out of them real impossible journeys, full of reflections and ideas with a direct impact on what happens outside the filmic artifact. Starting from this potential and with the recent release of Parallel Lines (a film that arrived in the Netflix catalog on August 17th), we have decided to draw up a list of the 5 best comic films on parallel realities.

These are stories apparently light in their intentions that totally rework the structure of reality so as to extract something new from it, perhaps a real maturation for its characters, or a message addressed directly to those who are watching. Obviously, for general correctness towards the list, it is good to specify what we mean by "parallel realities", also because it is an indication that could define and embrace a wide range of narratives.

The best comic films about parallel realities usually present protagonists who, for some inexplicable reason find themselves living their own lives through a completely new perspective, a real alternative to the choices they had made up to that moment, or they are stories that reflect on possibility and on the manipulation of choices in a given personal historical moment, so as to generate completely new developments.

Or the best comic films on parallel realities simply play on the concept of choice and consequence and of the intrinsic possibility of the individual protagonists. Finally, we could also include under this definition all those stories based on loops, on these particular parallel dimensions, in fact, in which we are always trapped for some intimate motivation to be discovered, reminding you that they are for the most part available on streaming platforms. best known as Netflix.

The 5 best comedy movies about parallel realities to recover after Parallel Lines

The Family Man 30 years in a second That Crazy Friday A Matter of Time Sliding Doors

The Family Man

As Christmas approaches however, something in his life changes whirlwind and suddenly. Following the chance encounter with a man outside a market, all the cards in play of his existence are completely shuffled and Jack, the next day, wakes up in a bed and in a house that he does not recognize as his own. The choice he made 13 years earlier has been canceled, now he is the father of a family he had given up, with a wife and children who love him, and a much less luxurious existence than before. How will he respond to all this?

5 movies about parallel realities

30 years in a second

In the same wake of the previous story we find 30 years in a second (13 Going on 30), perfectly fitting film in a list of the 5 best films on parallel realities within the comedy genre. Released in 2004, directed by Gary Winik, once again the entire narrative revolves around a single protagonist who, for inexplicable reasons, goes on a journey that will lead her to new readings of herself. The 30-year-old-in-a-second storyline opens with the birthday party of Jenna (Jennifer Garner), a middle school girl who is frustrated by her own existence within her school's social structure. She is about to turn 13 and tries in every way to be accepted by the most popular people in her school, also winning the heart of the boy she likes. Following a prank by these people, she locks herself into herself, wishing she was a seductive, career 30-year-old. The following day she wakes up in these very garments, literally finding herself transported into the role of herself in the future.

5 films on parallel realities

That Crazy Friday

Even That Crazy Friday (Freaky Friday) comes to mind as it reflects on a list of the top 5 parallel reality movies within the comedy genre. Based on Mary Rodgers' novel "To Each One His Body", this is a 2003 film (the third timeline adaptation of the aforementioned novel), by director Mark Waters.

At the center of it all we find a mother and her daughter. Anna (Lindsay Lohan) is a teenager struggling with all the most classic problems of her age, she would like to conquer the boy of her heart and make it through her band, while Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a psychologist who has lost her husband years earlier, currently in the process of getting married to her new partner. The relationship between the two is extremely stormy, framed by frequent discussions, high-frequency quarrels and endless scenes. Everything changes when, during a dinner in a Chinese restaurant, they eat two particular fortune cookies that will literally transform their lives.

5 films on parallel realities The following morning, mother and daughter will find each other in the body of the other, through a surreal exchange that is totally devoid of any explanation. Thus they will have to learn to live one in the existence of the other, learning to know a parallel reality that until that moment they had completely ignored. This unexpected and crazy journey will bring them closer in a certain sense, smoothing the judgment they previously had of their respective lives and transporting their relationship to completely unexpected shores and extremely embarrassing moments.

A Question of Time

The fourth story we have chosen in this list of the 5 best movies about parallel reality and comedy is About Time. 2013 film written and directed by Richard Curtis. At its center we find the character of Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) who at 21 discovers a shocking detail linked to his own family. His father James (Bill Nighy) reveals to him that the men of his family have the secret ability to go back in time, to relive a specific previous moment of their existence, the important thing, to implement all this, is to perfectly remember that precise moment in which you want to return and find yourself in a dark space and then close your fists.

Such a power, of course, involves a whole series of selfish possibilities for these people, possibilities that, at least according to the Father's warnings don't have too much to do with the monetary dimension and success. From this moment on, therefore, Tim will choose to use this gift of his as a function of the search for what will be the woman of his life.

5 films on parallel realities Question of Time, as well as the previous films, he reflects a lot on the human being and on his intrinsic nuances, and he does so starting initially with a surreal and impossible turn, and then moving all his reflections into a dimension that is immediately familiar to everyone. An intimate and delicate film, crazy and with light traits.

Sliding Doors

Certainly there would be no such list without at least a mention to Sliding Doors (buy Sliding Doors on Amazon), film 1998, directed by Peter Howitt, and inspired by the previous reasoning about destiny previously applied by the Polish director Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski in films such as Veronica's Double Life or Blind Destiny. In a list of the 5 best films on parallel realities, therefore, it cannot be missing, also due to the comedy colors of some of its developments.

5 films on parallel realities At the center of Sliding Doors we have the character of Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow), a girl like many others who will be put under a special conceptual magnifying glass. The title of the film itself, in fact, perfectly anticipates what will be both the structure and the main reflection of the plot. Opening one door differently from the other will result in different developments. Since life is a set of choices and consequences, and by drying the entire narrative around such a structure, the result is a cinematic cult in which linearity is rather replaced by possibility. Possibilities that we find central even in our own lives. What if Helen chose this path rather than the other? What would happen? What if we choose to take the metro rather than walk?

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