Netflix has added a bonus episode of The Sandman

Netflix has added a bonus episode of The Sandman

After some images of a possible bonus episode of The Sandman have leaked online in recent days, Netflix has recently added a new episode to the live action TV series taken from the Neil Gaiman comics. The title of the eleventh episode is The Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope and adapts two stories contained in the narrative cycle Le Terre del Sogno. The hypothesis about the sequences that had been spread by the YouTube program I Like to Watch were directed towards a possible bonus episode of The Sandman that could have appeared during the holiday season, or even in the second season of the TV series, however Netflix has definitely made a big deal. surprise to Morfeo fans. Here's what the episode is about.

The Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope

The bonus episode of The Sandman, released today from Netflix without any prior announcement, is split into two chapters. The first part, an animation of the story The Dream of a Thousand Cats is adapted for the screen and features a large number of felines, including the same Dream of the Eternals which is shown here in the form of a cat. To interpret it, there is obviously always Tom Sturridge who lends his voice to the Eternal in the form of a feline, flanked by an exceptional cast of voice actors. The Dream of a Thousand Cats therefore sees among its cast names such as David Tennant and Michael Sheen, both protagonists of another TV adaptation of a work written by Neil Gaiman, namely Good Omens; together with the two actors, also their respective companions, namely Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg. Also participating in the voice cast are James McAvoy, Rosie Day, Sandra Oh, David Gyasi, Joe Lycett, Nonso Anozie, Tom Wu and Diane Morgan. Even Neil Gaiman himself has a role as a guest star in this animated chapter. Hisko Hulsing, director of the episode, said:

We have endeavored to make the animated version of The Dream of a Thousand Cats as fascinating and hypnotic as possible using the magic of real oil paintings on canvas. We combined the paintings with classically designed 2D animation, based on the realistic 3D animation of telepathic cats, in order to create a thrilling world that feels both real and dreamy at the same time. Untold Studio's in London created breathtaking 3D cat animation. The stunning 2D animations, oil paintings and stylization were all done at the Submarine Studios in Amsterdam. | ); }

As for the second part of the bonus episode of The Sandman, we find ourselves in the presence of the story starring Calliope, muse of ancient Greece who was kidnapped kidnapped by a writer and held captive in his home to serve as the muse for his novels. Victim of constant abuse, Calliope therefore prays to the Eumenides to help her get rid of her, but the latter direct the muse to Morpheus, her former lover and the only one able to free her from captivity. Calliope's chaste features Melissanthi Mahut in the title role, as well as Nina Wadia, Souad Faress, Dinita Gohil, Kevin Harvey, Amita Suman and Derek Jacobi.

The images that were leaked

In recent days, the YouTube channel Still Watching Netflix had released unreleased material related to The Sandman through the I Like to Watch program which, for those who loved the Netflix TV series, represented a succulent opportunity to learn more about the world of Dream of the Eternals created by Neil Gaiman. I Like to Watch periodically publishes reaction videos conducted by drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, who expose their reactions to the hottest Netflix content of the moment. In the episode of August 13, Trixie and Katya therefore also posted the reactions to The Sandman, in a video that, however, is now inaccessible because it is private. In the comments to the episode posted by users on Twitter (now also not visible), in particular, it seems that fans of I Like to Watch had noticed details never seen before. Trixie and Katya were in fact watching sequences from The Sandman containing scenes that apparently weren't included in the Netflix show.

What we saw in I Like to Watch showed for example a Morpheus wearing a black trench coat edged with flames (like the one visible between the pages of the Sandman comic), unlike that instead seen in the episodes of The Sandman, completely black. However, sequences taken from other stories in the comic series had also been disclosed of the live action TV series. For example, Twitter users had also published scenes from an animated sequence that featured some cats in the Kingdom of the Dream: they are the protagonists of the story The Dream of a Thousand Cats, taken from the narrative cycle Le Terre del Sogno, in which tells how cats ruled the world centuries ago. In the scenes seen in the episode of I Like to Watch it was possible to see cats of enormous proportions living in a forest, playing and feeding on humans.

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