Ivanti and SentinelOne in partnership to revolutionize Patch Management

Ivanti and SentinelOne in partnership to revolutionize Patch Management

Ivanti and SentinelOne have partnered to help organizations adopt a comprehensive, risk-focused approach to patch management and enhance cybersecurity against cyber threats, including ransomware attacks.

Ivanti and SentinelOne will integrate their best technologies - Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management and SentinelOne's Singularity XDR platform - to deliver vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation, at machine speed.

Today, patch management remains a major challenge for many organizations. Security and IT teams often face problems with identifying vulnerabilities and software updates, fragmented processes, using different technology stacks, and having heterogeneous teams.

According to a recent survey by Ivanti, 71% of IT and security professionals find patching complex and time-consuming while 53% say organizing and prioritizing critical vulnerabilities are the most time consuming activities.

Legacy vulnerability management processes inevitably expose organizations to a greater risk of cyberattacks. Today, the main vectors exploited by hackers are incorrect vulnerabilities to applications and operating systems.

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The partnership will help overcome these challenges by supporting organizations in protecting endpoints, improving cyber hygiene, reducing attack surfaces and identifying vulnerabilities, remedying critical issues with a single click.

Integrated solution from Ivanti and SentinelOne will provide security and IT teams with information contextual and dynamic on potential exposures to actively exploited vulnerabilities, allowing them to respond promptly. Together, the two vendors will help companies reduce the average time to seek, detect, respond and remediation of cyber threats, with a focus on critical or ransomware-associated vulnerabilities.

“We are excited to partner with SentinelOne to enable organizations to enhance their cyber hygiene, ”said Nayaki Nayyar, Ivanti President and Chief Product Officer. ”Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management, based on artificial intelligence, is able to identify potential risks and active threats, promptly report exploited vulnerabilities, predict attacks and prioritize remediation activities.

" At a time when sophistication and the volume of cyber attacks is growing, the autonomous response capabilities of vulnerabilities are indispensable, "added Nicholas Warner, President, Security of SentinelOne.

" Singularity XDR is a valuable tool to help companies to automate cybersecurity at the endpoint, cloud and identity level. In collaboration with Ivanti, we offer an autonomous and risk-based approach to ensure the cybersecurity of companies. Security teams rely on automation to identify vulnerabilities and remediate them at machine speed. "

" This partnership is a prime example of how Ivanti collaborates with Cybersecurity's Independent Software Vendors (SIVs) worldwide to offer Patch Management solutions to its customers, ”commented Mark Stevens, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ivanti's Strategic Alliances.

The agreement confirms the solid offering of endpoint security solutions that we guarantee to ISVs to improve their technologies, using our APIs and SDKs for patch management, detection and remote control of applications and devices ".

For more information on the OEM licensing program Ivanti and the wide range of OEM patch solutions, see this link. Ivanti's OEM licensing program allows companies to deploy security solutions that leverage Ivanti technology within registered applications, accelerating time-to-market and increasing revenue without additional development expense. More details on SentinelOne's Singularity XDR platform at this link.

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