NBA 2K23, let's discover the Jordan Challenge in preview

NBA 2K23, let's discover the Jordan Challenge in preview

NBA 2K23

A few years ago I happened to talk about NBA 2K with Gianluca Gazzoli and his other guests, each brought as an "ambassador" of NBA basketball in its many facets. There were those who collected sneakers, who (lucky him) did dunk competitions and who sang his passion. From the height of my big 72m and my wallet constantly empty, I represented those who live the NBA from the sofa, helping a young NBA promise to become a star every year, passing through the Draft, the training and the rivalries that we are behind the scenes of the trendiest league on the planet.

In addition to the playful side, however, I argued that the NBA 2K series was a very effective way to spread basketball culture. It does so through a meticulous analysis of the modern game and its trends, its patterns and its champions, but it gives the youngest the opportunity to "touch" the stars of the past, to get to know the legendary quintets that have made a franchise and perhaps to replicate some of the most famous battles ever seen on the court, such as the duels between Magic and Bird, or impersonate absolute rulers like Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Russel or the first Shaquille O'Neal. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = ''; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof == "object" && ( "type") && == "embaff") {let embed_id =; if (embed_id == '1095') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_1095'). setAttribute ('height ',;}}}, false);}) I must not be the only one to see this potential in the 2K Sports series because the new chapter will try to tell the deeds of the greatest of all: Michael Jordan. We have previewed the Jordan Challenges of NBA 2K23 and now we will tell you what they foresee.

His Airness

The cover image of NBA 2K23 As you can easily guess from the title, the Jordan Challenges of NBA 2K23 try to tell some of the most iconic moments in the career of Michael Jeffrey "His Airness" Jordan, the one who was undoubtedly the greatest player of all time. The goal is to revive, at least virtually, this incredible story made up of some bass, but also of incredible returns and triumphs.

There will be 15 unique experiences, ranging from the first steps in the University of North Carolina to the victories with the Chicago Bulls, passing through the rivalry with the Bad Boys of Detroit or the All-Star Game of 1988. 10 of these will be almost identical to the Jordan Challenges of NBA 2K11, 5 will be unpublished. Between these two games of the 1990 East Finals and the aforementioned All-Star Game of 1988.

Each of these stages has been reconstructed as faithfully as possible, recovering testimonies from some of the protagonists of the time . 2K Sports said that everyone was immediately very excited to participate and talk about MJ, even those who could only awaken bad memories this way. This is the case of Pat Ewing, legendary and dominant center of the New York Knicks, who has never managed to win a ring also because he has almost always found Jordan in his path.

In addition to him there will be exclusive interviews with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, opponent in the All-Star Game of 88, Dennis Rodman as opponent in the Pistons and Phil Jackson, his coach and mentor in the years of winning with the Bulls.

Authenticity on the field

A young Jordan with the Bulls jersey The work done by Visual Concepts, however, has not been limited to the collection of testimonies and memories, but wants to try to make the experience on the parquet as authentic as possible. If things have already drastically changed since NBA 2K11, that is the last time Jordan appeared with his Challenges in the 2K Sports sports series, in these 11 years basketball has evolved further, mainly under the broadsides of Steph Curry and the his Warriors, but also because of D'Antoni's very fast Suns.

Re-proposing, therefore, the very hard duels with the Pistons with the rules and the current way of playing was almost impossible, especially if the aim is to tell what kind of obstacle that team was, what impact their physicality had on the game, especially due to a much more permissive regulation.

For this reason 2K, for each of Jordan's 15 Challenges, has remodeled its gameplay, rewritten the rules and playbooks, and adjusted the artificial intelligence to try to replicate the style of the past, slower, without zone and with many dominant centers. So to also tell the evolution of the game in what for many was its golden age.

Vintage look

A Jordan from Last Dance The rest is done by a series of filters designed to visually restore the vibrations of time. And since, again, technology has evolved over the years, each Jordan Challenge will have specific graphics and details for each era. For example, the scoreboards or the clothes worn by people in the stands will change. But not only that.

Not happy, the developers asked Mike Fratello, legendary coach and television analyst, and Ray Clay, the official commentator of the Chicago Bulls' 90s matches to record specific lines of dialogue for the Challenges , acted the way NBA games were commented on at the time.

Whoever wins all 40 NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge stars will be able to show off exclusive outfits within the Cities (or Neighborhoods on Xbox One and PS4) and exclusive prizes in MyTeam.

The Jordan Challenges of NBA 2K23 seem like a way in which 2K Sports wants to both celebrate the greatest player of all time, and tell the youngest about greatness and uniqueness of Michael Jordan. The work done to obtain these results seems to be commendable because it does not just "disguise" the classic game with vintage filters and uniforms, but goes to work on balances, rules and trends to try to emulate that way as effectively as possible. to play basketball and the specifics of each era. A way to make NBA 2K more and more a sort of basketball encyclopedia, as well as to give value to each new edition, digging out among the legends of the past, as well as telling the basketball of the present.


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