Fortnite teaches you the history of Metal Gear Solid

Fortnite teaches you the history of Metal Gear Solid

Thanks to the creative mode of Fortnite, several users make very interesting tributes related to some video games of the past. The Metal Gear Solid one we are talking about today, however, is decidedly different: it is not a tribute in the strict sense, but a real tribute and a real lesson on Hideo Kojima's game.

Created by NaoEdwin, the Fortnite map is called "Metal Gear Solid - History Mode" and is very impressive. Instead of limiting himself to a 3D creation of certain areas of Hideo Kojima's game, the creator wanted to make a real tribute, which includes the reproduction of Codec calls, stealth mechanics, environments, weather conditions and many other aspects. All this to allow players to take a step back in time, which will be pleasant for practically everyone: from fans of the series to newbies, who may have yet to discover the series and who will take advantage of it to be able to get in touch with what is one. of the most influential brands in the history of this industry.

Metal Gear Solid - History mode | part 1 (link of part 2 on first comment) from FortniteCreative

After divorce from Konami, Hideo Kojima will no longer work at Metal Gear Solid. The game designer is currently developing a video game in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, but the details are not yet known. His first video game as an “indie” developer was Death Stranding, which will arrive next week on Xbox Game Pass. Keep following for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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