Backpacks for middle school | The best of 2022

Backpacks for middle school | The best of 2022

Time flies and this is demonstrated by the fact that we are already at the end of August, which means that there are only a few weeks left until the start of the new school year. Students of middle school and beyond must therefore start trying to grab study books and many other useful articles to face the next school year in the best possible way. Among the most relevant items, the backpack certainly stands out, which undoubtedly represents one of the most important objects, which is why we decided to pause in analyzing what are the best backpacks for middle school. If you are older and are preparing to go to high school, then we recommend that you take a look at our related guide dedicated to the best backpacks for high school.

Read also: Scientific calculators for school | The best of 2022 There are currently many alternatives on the market, but very few are able to fully satisfy students. The factors that make a backpack particularly useful for middle school children are resistance and versatility, in fact in most cases such a product must necessarily withstand particularly intense use, but we will talk about this in the dedicated section immediately after the product review. In short, without further ado, we wish you a good reading and a good shopping!

The best backpacks for middle school

Seven Freethink Boy ASGE BB 06 Extra Fit Backpack Seven Eastpak Pinnacle Invicta Kupang Trolley

Seven Freethink Boy

Small and roomy. These are the two features of the Seven Freethink Boy backpack, which we recommend as the first product of this buying guide. Made with high quality materials, with padded shoulder straps covered in fabric and breathable mesh, this backpack will ensure you a high level of comfort, without sacrificing a style with attention to the smallest details. In this regard, we point out the presence of a front pocket with USB support to recharge the smartphone, through a simple connection to your power bank. On the side there is even a bottle cage, making the backpack even more practical.



Suitable for both him and for her, the ASGE BB 06 is the perfect backpack for those who want to have a school item with that extra touch of style. This model, in fact, is characterized by the high quality reflective material, which makes it clearly visible in the dark after being under natural light for about 15 minutes. The structure of the backpack ensures a good capacity for books and notebooks and, like all backpacks in this category, it has an external zip pocket, capable of accommodating the case and other small items. Both the backrest and the shoulder straps are adjustable in height, thus adapting to various body sizes and, at the same time, they are padded to ensure good comfort.


Seven Extra Fit

Also from Seven we advise you to buy one of its backpacks, in particular the model called Extra Fit. It is a product that has a capacity of 31 liters and is therefore capable of containing many books and notebooks, thanks to a double internal compartment. In addition, this backpack boasts a large equipped front pocket and a pocket with a silicone zip puller to hold the case or diary. Shoulder straps and backrest, on the other hand, are padded to ensure good comfort during the transport of many school items. Its price is around 53 euros, but it must be considered that inside the package there is a small coin purse.


Eastpak Pinnacle

In addition to the Eastpak Padded Pak'r, we want to recommend another product from the Eastpak stable, namely the Pinnacle. It is a very interesting backpack because it boasts a good capacity and a series of internal and external compartments, which never hurt a middle school student. To all this there are also excellent shoulder straps - shaped to improve grip - and a padded backrest to face long and demanding days. The price of this backpack is close to 100 euros.


Invicta Kupang Trolley

As the last product of this particular buying guide, we advise you to consider the Invicta Kupang, a trolley capable of carrying books and notebooks thanks to its 34 liters capacity. This backpack has a pair of side buckles, a double compartment, a double telescopic bar, a preformed and reinforced rigid bottom to ensure good stability. This trolley, of course, can be used as a backpack, in fact there are two retractable shoulder straps and a padded backrest. Its selling price? Currently you can buy it for about 100 euros.


How to choose backpacks for middle school

As mentioned in the initial stages, when you are to buy a new backpack for school, we often tend to focus a lot on the brand, but this does not always prove to be the most suitable choice. Of course, brands like Invicta or Eastpak have made history and certainly produce interesting solutions, but we must not make the mistake of underestimating the proposals of the so-called emerging brands. A good backpack, in fact, should have certain characteristics so that it can be defined as excellent. Let's find out below!

How large should a backpack be for middle school?

The brand is of little or no importance if the backpack is not large. Middle school students, in fact, need a backpack large enough to allow them to insert numerous books, accessories and objects. In this case, capacity comes first, which is why we suggest considering a model with a high load capacity. In addition to the main compartment, a good backpack should have several internal and external pockets to store items neatly.

Some of the most common pockets or compartments are designed for storing water bottles, notebooks, chargers and key rings. . The first is perhaps the most important of all, as many students carry various technological devices in their backpacks, so a dedicated water bottle pocket could prevent water from accidentally falling on the device, risking damage.

How much should a middle school backpack weigh?

Usually, a large backpack results in excessive weight, but if the backpack is well designed, it will prove to be light enough. despite the large size. Anyway, our advice is to find the right weight to size ratio, depending on how many books or objects you plan to put in.

What materials should a middle school backpack have?

A backpack for middle school will be used almost every day, so the materials play a fundamental role, especially if you want it to last you for several years. That said, a great backpack must be waterproof, as there will be bad days that will force you to cross the road in the rain. In this regard, with a non-water-resistant backpack, you risk wetting not only the books, but also a notebook, with the risk of damaging it without the possibility of a remedy.

The use of good materials allows then the backpack to be comfortable on the shoulders, an important factor even more so if we are talking about kids, who very often are forced to fill the backpack with numerous books and stationery. And that's why we recommend that you rely on a backpack with a padded back and wide padded shoulder straps. Models that implement tight straps that tend to tighten over the shoulders are not ideal, as they can restrict circulation and cause pain. In addition to these precautions, it would be good to buy a model that has, among other things, also some breathable material, in order to have greater safety while crossing the street.

The guys who face the Middle school, you know, they look for backpacks that look good, but it's important to find a balance between appearance and practicality. In this regard, our advice is to avoid buying backpacks full of costume jewelery and glitter, as the latter will be ruined during washing in the washing machine. Of course, at the beginning of the school year you will have no problems and you can perhaps boast of having the most beautiful backpack, but towards the end of the year the aesthetics will not be the best.

What accessories a backpack should have for middle school?

Given the high use of mobile devices, it would be useful if the backpack had integrated a USB socket with cable to connect your portable devices to a charger or perhaps a jack for headphones, useful for listening music on the go. Furthermore, in the more expensive models, an anti-theft system or a series of anti-slip pockets should not be missing.

How much does a backpack cost for middle school?

With about € 50 and paying attention to the various proposals on the market, you can buy excellent backpacks for middle school. It is worth noting, however, that it may be necessary to add 20 or 30 euros if you want to be sure that the backpack will last well beyond the classic school year.

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