An Aragorn prequel could have replaced The Rings of Power

An Aragorn prequel could have replaced The Rings of Power

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power isa> about to arrive in our homes, but it seems that years ago there were other ideas regarding the project to be developed at Amazon, such as a prequel dedicated to a young Aragorn. J.D. Payne, the showrunner of the series to be released on Prime Video on September 2, 2022.

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Aragorn The Lord of the Rings

A prequel about Aragorn instead of The Rings of Power?

During an interview with Total Film, reported by, J.D. Payne talked about the other paths The Rings of Power might have taken. In the words of the latter, Amazon owned (and still owns) the rights to much of the history of Middle-earth - however, the Silmarillion is missing - and the company was open to any proposal. The studio eventually decided to stage The Rings of Power, but Payne revealed that "some people had proposed for a show about a young Aragorn, some for the Gimli spin-off, and some for different ideas. but always linked to Tolkien's history “.| ); }

Tolkien's books

In the end, however, Amazon chose to make Payne and Patrick McKay's proposal available on the small screen, thus basing the entire story linked to The Lord of the Rings on the Second Age of Middle-earth. Regarding the completed idea, as J.D. Payne, the plot was created following the traces left by the writer of the original texts (The Appendices, in particular). Not surprisingly, the showrunner praised the author by pointing out that the creative team "wanted to do something that was worthy of Tolkien".

At the same time Patrick McKay, co-writer of The Rings of Power, admitted that the series only works thanks to Tolkien's writing work. You can read his words below:

I dare say that stories are good because they are written by him.

That's not all: the creative team reportedly worked with "scholars of Tolkien's works" to ensure accuracy and fidelity to the source material when introducing the new characters. As for the characters already known, the showrunners have relied on the novels of The Lord of the Rings, although some of them - Galadriel, for example - have undergone changes in order to better reflect the narrative of the series.

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