The Boys 3, the review of the third season

The Boys 3, the review of the third season

The Boys 3

Finally the moment that all the fans of The Boys have been waiting for has arrived: the American television series created by Eric Kripke streaming on Amazon Prime returns with The Boys 3 on the platform of the shopping giant tomorrow 3 June! Based on the comic of the same name written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys offers one of the funniest and most irreverent glimpses of what happens when superheroes abuse their powers, being treated like celebrities, almost like real gods. To oppose the corruption of superheroes only a group of vigilantes, who try in every possible way to reveal to the world the truth about the Seven and the Vought, the billionaire company that controls them and covers up their crimes.

Will the Boys be able to expose the misdeeds of these uncontrollable Supers who believe they can get away with it in any situation? But before we get to the heart of this new and incredible season of The Boys, let's refresh our memory a bit about the events that led us to these new episodes.| ] adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh2 "); }
And, at the same time as the Boys were busy putting down the "hard ways" to be able to find a way to eliminate every member of the Seven, the director of the Vought accepts the proposal of the head of the Church of the Collective to bring back the Abyss in the superhero team, but cutting out A-Train who, having overheard everything, decides to provide Starlight and Hughie with evidence of Stormfront's Nazi past to have her eliminated and, in fact, free up a place for himself at the Tower of Seven .

The unsuspecting superheroine is intent on spending time with the new happy family created by her and Patriot together with his son, Ryan, who will ask him to teach him how to use are their powers. Butcher and the Boys meanwhile devise a plan to save the child from the superhero's clutches, also divulging information about Stormfront's past that leaves Patriot and Ryan alone.

Stormfront, reaching the The car in which Mother's Milk, Becca and their son are, attacks them and is then countered by the Boys' team. With the help of Queen Maeve, Starlight and Kimiko manage to put Stormfront on the run but manages to reach Butcher, his wife and Ryan: it will be she who unleashes the boy's powers, making her dying by burning her and amputating some limbs with the laser sight. In the fight Becca is fatally wounded and entrusts the boy to Butcher, who are faced with Patriot. But the superhero is blocked and put in check by Maeve, who blackmails him with a video recovered of the two of them on a plane.

The new season (spoiler free)

The second season of The Boys had therefore largely ended in favor of our unconventional team of humans. Between new jobs, rehabilitations of names and blackmail that somehow seem to give power to the Boys, the third season seems to be ready to destabilize the very precarious balance once again. As we had already mentioned in this article, Butcher finds himself assuming Compound V but also exploiting the powers that derive from it, making us wonder how far he is willing to go to put an end to the existence of Patriot.

The latter in the first episodes of this season seems to be unable to accept the new stalemate and blackmail in which he has ended up on every front, so much so as to reject the moments of popularity that the new Seven film seems to have provided. Conversely, Hughie and Starlight finally seem to be able to show their relationship in the open and things seem to be going well for both of them. The superheroine seems to have acquired a new strength and self-confidence, also thanks to the conduct of the new program to find the new member of the Seven. But, like the calm before the storm, this new dimension also seems destined to be overwhelmed: will our heroine be able to keep control or will she end up collapsing under the corruption of the most powerful?

What if the Butcher's struggle leads him to use Compound V, the search for a weapon to eliminate Patriot forever seems to lead the Boys to the old guard of the Seven, uncovering a huge Pandora's box of past superheroes, resulting in tragedy and subterfuge. A season that therefore promises to be full of surprises and unexpected moments, seasoned with a good dose of irreverence and gruesome scenes, which will only increase the hype of their fans around The Boys.

What to expect from The Boys 3

If the plot therefore seems to be promising in terms of events and turning points in the story, the development seems to suffer some backlash. Some moments of the episodes that we were able to preview have a slightly slower narrative rhythm, resulting almost suspended within the main vein. Undoubtedly some of these are necessary and a logical development of the plot, but the dispersion that is created especially in what concerns Kimiko is unfortunately a disadvantage.

Despite these sporadic slowdowns, however, some great strengths of The Boys instead, the make-up and special effects departments remain: also in this third season, the series reconfirms its attention to every minimum, raw and visceral (in a literal sense) detail. Between explosions, superpowers and CGI used masterfully in some decidedly disturbing scenes, The Boys does not hold back any blows and decides to give the most irreverent part of superheroes once again.

It is certain therefore that the show manages to maintain the high expectations created with the past episodes, also strengthening its position in contrast with the series and films on superheroes to which the house of Marvel has widely accustomed us. The Supers of The Boys seem almost more human and real than their Disney counterparts, making the events of the various episodes almost plausible in the event that there were really humans with superpowers.

Pulling the sums

And it is thanks to this feature that The Boys is the series for anyone who is tired of the usual heroes with incredible powers and never a flaw who always manage to win good over evil. So get ready for gruesome scenes, sometimes even disgusting, but always able to make you uncomfortable in dealing with the most raw and animalistic part of people.

So don't miss the third season of The Boys on Amazon Prime, available to stream with new episodes from June 3rd!

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