How to disable Windows 11 automatic updates

How to disable Windows 11 automatic updates

We know that updates are essential to always keep your operating system safe and prevent any malicious exploit vulnerabilities and bugs to access your device or, worse, infect it with some ransomware and demand a ransom for personal (or corporate) data. However often, in addition to solving problems, the periodic updates of Windows 11 introduce some new features and things do not always go the right way.

Precisely for this reason, many may be rather reluctant to download and install the updates as soon as they are made available, so as to verify the absence of potential problems. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that updates could be installed, although Microsoft has definitely improved the situation from this point of view, at the least opportune moment, perhaps while you are finishing an important job and you have to meet a rather tight deadline.

In this article, we will explain how to disable automatic updates for Windows 11, so that you can install them when you deem most appropriate.

Postpone the update

Windows 11 allows you to postpone the installation of updates for up to five weeks. To do this, go to "Settings" and go to the "Windows Update" section. Subsequently, from the drop-down menu next to the item "Suspend updates" you can choose from one to five weeks. If you want to resume before the set deadline, just go back to this section and select "Resume updates" to carry out all the updates manually.| ); }

Setting up a metered connection to avoid heavy updates

Windows 11 can limit updates in the presence of a metered connection, so as not to consume too much bandwidth and spend money for users . Consequently, you can also use this trick to prevent the operating system from downloading larger updates.

To activate this option, all you have to do is go to "Settings"> "Network and Internet"> " Wi-Fi ”(or“ Ethernet ”, depending on your connection). Finally, you just need to activate the "Connection to consumption" option.

Disabling Windows 11 updates using the Service Manager

Windows 11 updates are managed through a special service that can be disabled, resulting in the impossibility of updating the system . To do this, open the "Services" application (the easiest way is through the Windows search) and look for the "Windows Update" item. Then, in “Startup type” select “Disabled” and restart your PC.

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