ASUS Rog Spatha X | Review

ASUS Rog Spatha X | Review

Gaming mice, as we know, are not all the same and differ in a long series of features. Despite an aspect between them in the end all in all similar, there are in fact many variables that come into play, going to return completely different experiences. If, for example, the TUF Gaming M4 Air, which we told you about a few weeks ago, has as its main peculiarity being light, the ASUS ROG Spatha X is based on completely different characteristics, giving an equally valid experience but for the diametrically opposed reasons.

The ASUS ROG Spatha X is in fact a gaming mouse with 12 programmable buttons and a respectable weight. A device, therefore, particularly versatile and with a high potential, designed to be used above all in those games where it is necessary to have a large number of commands at hand. ASUS ROG Spatha X of which we are finally ready to talk to you after having been able to try it thoroughly over the last few weeks and which is sold on the market at the recommended price of 159.99 euros.

Design and technical specifications

When you pick up the ASUS ROG Spatha X for the first time, the sensation is that of finding yourself in front of something characterized by a very great build quality, a solid and well made product. An important mouse, both in terms of size and weight (we are talking about 137 x 45 x 89 mm, for 168 g), and in terms of functionality. In fact, in the ASUS device there are 12 different keys, two of which are positioned to the side of the left click and six on the left side, composing with their arrangement a pattern that recalls the eye that acts as a symbol of the ROG brand. of the famous Taiwanese company. On the right, however, a comfortable space to place your ring finger and make the experience more enjoyable.| ); }
In case you are wondering what are the improvements of the Spatha X compared to the classic Spatha, they are different and respectable. In fact, the laser sensor becomes optical, more than doubling the maximum DPI, which go from the 8,200 of Spatha to 19,000 of the Spatha X. The switches also differ, with the Omrons having a duration of 20 million clicks that are replaced by ROG Micro Switches with a claimed duration of 70 million clicks. The weight, while remaining absolutely remarkable, is lowered by 10 grams, while the battery life (with RGB off) goes from 33 hours to 67 hours. In short, many widespread upgrades that may not lead you to switch immediately from one mouse to another, but which clearly show the improvement work done.

Optical sensor Sensitivity Up to 16K DPI Polling rate 1000 Hz Programmable buttons 12 Lighting zones Yes Dimensions 137 x 45 x 89 mm Weight 168 grams Connectivity Cable (2 m) or wireless 2.4 GHz

User experience

As usual during our weeks in the company of the ASUS ROG Spatha X we tested the device both during everyday operations, alternating between Excel sheets, browsers and so on, and during long gaming sessions. The impressions following these tests have certainly been positive, with the remarkable technical characteristics of the mouse that have fulfilled their promises, giving us a solid experience seasoned with almost no failures.

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With the exception of these situations in which the sumptuous features of the ASUS ROG Spatha X are of great help, it is in any case correct to speak of the proposal of the Taiwanese house as a product dedicated to a niche, however expanded. The considerable dimensions, both space and weight, make it a product not suitable for the mass, which very often does not need such a large number of buttons available and looks for something more compact and light. In case you need it instead and are comfortable with a generously sized mouse, be sure that the ASUS ROG Spatha X will not betray your expectations.

Il ASUS proprietary software in this case offers a complete package of features, starting from the customization of individual commands and related macros, up to the inevitable RGB lighting, which in the Spatha X is present in the front ROG symbol, in the wheel and around the six side buttons. The package is completed by the possibility to modify the four preset DPI levels, to set the polling rate between 125 Hz and 1000 Hz and also a series of possibilities related to the power supply, see the suspension of the device after a given period of inactivity, and the lifting distance calibration. A package therefore extremely complete and intuitive to use, which is unlikely to disappoint anyone.

To report is only an excessive predisposition of the software to various updates, with Armory Crate that often will ask you to update something preventing you from normal program operation until you do it. .

ASUS Rog Spatha X: conclusions

The ASUS ROG Spatha X is therefore in the end a solid mouse, well built and equipped with a large number of top-level features. A premium product, as the price at which it is sold also testifies, especially designed for certain niches of gamers who play titles such as MMOs and the like. If you don't need a large number of keys and don't like large and heavy devices, you might want to take a look at the other best gaming mice to find the option that best suits your needs. br>

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