Mini Fridge | The best of 2022

Mini Fridge | The best of 2022

The refrigerator is one of the appliances that, for obvious reasons, cannot be missing in the home and, given its importance, it is not surprising that the market also offers compact solutions of the latter, known as mini fridges. As the word says, a mini fridge is nothing more than a small fridge, designed to be placed in the living room or taken with you in a camper, on the boat or in the office.

Read also: Dryers | The best of 2022 The usefulness of this appliance is clear, namely to simplify the management of food or to store food and drinks during travel in an optimal manner. Over the years, mini fridges have also become excellent design objects, to the point that several manufacturers collaborate with brands such as Coca Cola and Heineken to create models that represent some of the most famous drinks in the world.

The purpose of this article, however, is not to point out the most beautiful mini fridges (it is not certain that there are not in the list), but those that will guarantee you optimal conservation, as well as those that have the highest capacity. In fact, although the main feature of mini fridges is compactness, there are models capable of ensuring a good capacity without taking up much space, thanks to both internal and external optimization, a bit like we usually see on traditional high-end refrigerators.

The best mini fridges

Severin KS 9827 Mini Klartein Cool Kid Aequator LUMI 28 AstroAI Mini Fridge Severin KB 2923 Warmfunn mini fridge

Severin KS 9827 Mini

The first mini fridge that we suggest you consider, as well as perhaps the best in its category, is the Severin KS 9827 Mini. The reasons that make it an excellent product are, of course, to be attributed to its performance and efficiency. Equipped with a net capacity of 42 liters, this solution is based on a compression engine, ideal for those who need a model capable of cooling quickly and significantly lowering the temperature, almost as if it were a traditional refrigerator. In addition, this specific model is even equipped with a freezer, located inside the fridge itself, demonstrating how size doesn't matter. Also good is the part related to the accessories, which includes a condensation tray and an ice cube holder.


Klartein Cool Kid

Despite being mini, the Klartein Cool Kid boasts a capacity of 66 liters, which makes it probably the most suitable model for those who need a mini fridge, but with a large capacity. Furthermore, this solution also has a small 4-liter freezer, demonstrating that it does not lack power. Its dimensions allow it to have 2 shelves, perfect for making room for everything that needs to be refrigerated or frozen and, consequently, to have everything in sight. Obviously, inside the door compartments you will also have space to place eggs and drinks.


Aequator LUMI 28

If any mini fridge is suitable to transport, the Aequator LUMI 28 is probably the one that best represents the meaning of portability. Unlike the others, in fact, it has a practical handle that will allow you to transport and move it from one place to another with extreme ease. The price to pay is the internal capacity, which is lower than the previous models, but still sufficient to make room for a dozen bottles. Furthermore, there is no freezer, but the thermoelectric cooling system will guarantee you fresh and cold food and drinks, with a temperature difference of up to 18 ° with the external environment.


AstroAI Mini Frigo

If capacity is not a problem for you and you only need a mini fridge to store small cans and little else, then the AstroAI Mini Frigo is the one for you. The design and its different colors certainly stand out, as well as the extreme portability, ensured by the tiny dimensions and the comfortable top handle. In addition, it will be perfect to put in the car and beyond, thanks to the AC / DC adapter. Small and environmentally friendly, it boasts a semiconductor refrigeration chip free of freon, ie chemical compounds deriving from methane and ethane.


Severin KB 2923

Similar to the Equator LUMI 28, the Severin KB 2923 is another mini fridge that should be considered by those who need a portable but high-performance solution. As you know, the brand is a guarantee and this specific model boasts the ability to also work via USB cable, so it will also be possible to power it from a normal powerbank, which the company recommends at least 10,000 mAh, in order to ensure the mini fridge. a continuous cooling of about 5 hours. In this case, the capacity is 28 liters and it is worth noting the presence of the automatic shutdown in case the car battery charge drops too much.


Warmfunn mini fridge

Generic photos. Thanks to its small front mirror, the Warmfunn mini fridge could be the most suitable mini fridge for those who place a lot of importance on design. The 8-liter capacity will allow you to insert a good quantity of fruit and various cans, with the shelf placed in the central part to divide the two compartments. Furthermore, this is one of the very few models to boast the hot mode, with which you can heat what you think most appropriate up to a temperature of 65 °. Powering it will be simple, regardless of whether you have to put it in your car or in your home, since you just need to replace the power cable to adapt it to your needs.


How to choose the mini fridge

After discovering the usefulness and the most interesting mini fridge models, let's now describe what are the factors to consider during the purchase. Even for this category of household appliances, in fact, there are solutions that adapt to different circumstances, which it is good to distinguish in order to avoid a wrong purchase. In any case, we anticipate that it will not be anything complicated, also because we have summarized the most important points that we are going to list below.


It will seem obvious, but the capacity is the first factor to evaluate. In fact, it would not make sense to consider a large capacity mini fridge if you are sure that it will only be used for storing a few cans or space-saving foods. Obviously, a compact model will benefit the ease of handling, although almost all mini fridges are designed to be moved with ease. On the market there are solutions with capacities of less than 10 liters up to about 50 liters, a threshold that we believe should not be exceeded, since the sense of mini fridge would then disappear. Our advice, therefore, is to choose a model capable of preserving the number of foods and drinks you think you need, without going further, also because, usually, large models tend to cool down more slowly with the same engine. br>


Although aesthetically they share more or less the same shape, different motors and cooling technologies can be hidden inside a mini fridge. In this regard, it is necessary to differentiate the models with a compressor motor from those with a fan. The first, as it is easy to guess, are those that guarantee the best performance, managing to cool not only in a short time, but also up to temperatures well below the ambient ones. In addition, some models of this type have an integrated freezer, useful for storing frozen foods such as vegetables, potatoes and soups. The price to pay is a higher energy consumption than a fan model which, however, cools more slowly and does not reach the lowest temperatures, especially if the surrounding environment is very hot. Having said that, even in this case the choice of the right model depends a lot on your storage needs.


Since a mini fridge can also be used on the move, it is important to check the types of power supply, which should not be limited to the classic domestic electrical network. In this regard, it would therefore be advisable to verify that the model you are about to buy has these possibilities or not, even if it must be said that there are few models that will allow you to feed them in different ways. However, if your purpose is to put the mini fridge in the living room, then you will not need the car cigarette lighter connection, which is essential if you have to store food during a trip.


Some mini fridges claim to be quiet, and in many cases they are if they implement new technologies, such as thermoelectric or air-absorbing solutions rather than a traditional compressor, but you should always check the 'actual decibel (dB) level on the energy class, especially if you plan to place the appliance in a bedroom or relatively quiet room.

Reasons to buy a mini fridge

Mini fridges are great for offices, dorms, recreation rooms and many other places, but it's worth pointing out that they don't usually have the same features as traditional fridges, so don't expect them to work for many years . While a standard fridge lasts an average of 15 years, mini fridges tend to stop working after about 5 years. The reason for this lack of longevity is due to the fact that cheaper components are used, including the compressor, in order to limit production costs. Although you want your appliance to last as long as possible, remember that mini fridges are not designed to last long.

If space is not a deciding factor and you plan to use the fridge a lot, opening and closing it, you might consider buying a traditional entry level refrigerator. If, on the other hand, you need a compact and easy-to-carry solution, then buying a mini fridge will make a lot of sense. Although the market offers several interesting models, it is better not to spend too much for this type of appliance, due to its low longevity mentioned above.

How to use the mini fridge

The most important factor to be Considering whenever you move this small appliance from one place to another is to leave a good amount of space between a wall, or any other type of surface, and the back of the mini fridge, where the compressor is located. The latter needs to collect heat to function properly, which will then be released. If there is not enough space, the appliance will have a hard time expelling the air, always working at full load and, consequently, it will shorten the life of the product.

Make sure to keep the mini fridge always clean, both inside and out, constantly giving it a dusting. If possible, try to clean the coils as well. In addition to making the mini fridge last as long as possible, keeping it clean also means paying attention to your hygiene. After using it for a long time, in fact, it will almost certainly create a mix of dirt which, in turn, could give life to mold.

Gaskets are another factor to consider if you want to maintain the appliance in excellent condition. These should be cleaned every month and you should make sure there are no openings, which would cause an air leak, forcing the compressor to run more than it should.

However, what really shortens the life of the compressor. of a mini fridge is the number of door openings. The engine of any refrigerator will last longer if the door is opened sporadically. Conversely, if you usually open the door every 5 or 10 minutes, adding and removing drinks, the compressor will always be forced to activate and, as you will have understood, this means significantly shortening the life of the product. Finally, you should place a mini fridge away from heat sources, and by heat sources we also mean another refrigerator in the immediate vicinity, so that the compressor can work optimally.

What store in a mini fridge

The mini fridge allows you to store everything from classic groceries to skin care products. If you are a college student, you could use the mini fridge to store snacks and drinks, so you don't have to go to the dining room whenever you are hungry. If you are going to use it at home, you could use it to store anything that doesn't fit in your standard fridge, such as seasonings or extra ingredients.

How long does a mini fridge take to cool

The mini fridge they require a minimum of 3 hours to become cold, so you should plug in the appliance much earlier than when you want to use it. More precise information can be found in the instruction manual, where the exact time it takes for the product to cool will almost certainly be mentioned. However, you are free to put a thermometer or a small bottle of water inside to test the temperature before starting to add the food.

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