Militem FERŌX500, the Wrangler developed with a 470hp V8

Militem FERŌX500, the Wrangler developed with a 470hp V8

Militem FERŌX500

Militem is known for its unique projects that give life to cars with a double soul, cars in which the luxury and quality of 'Made in Italy' design can be found combined with the solidity of the most powerful American off-road vehicles; This is precisely the case of the new Militem FERŌX500, defined as EUV - Extreme Utility Vehicle and powered by an impressive 6,417 cc V8 HEMI® engine and a power that reaches 470 horsepower per wheel.

The range of Militem luxury models thus reaches 5 models, all made in collaboration with designers, engineers and craftsmen who manage to combine the best elements of luxury, technology and performance to create a one-of-a-kind off-road vehicle.

In this case the suspension plays a fundamental role, also given the important dimensions and weight of the FERŌX500: the new Militem Performance Shock suspension system with double separate gas tanks developed specifically for this model is fully adjustable and suitable for any terrain also thanks to the Lift-Kit that raises the car an additional 5 cm.

Militem FERŌX500 will be offered at the price of € 149,500 + VAT, with a complete guarantee of 36 months or 100,000 km.

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