How Prime Student works, the Amazon program for college students

How Prime Student works, the Amazon program for college students

How Prime Student works

Also in 2022, thanks to Prime Student, university students can benefit from a 50 percent discount on the price of the Amazon Prime subscription - the service of the ecommerce giant that guarantees fast deliveries on thousands of products sold on ecommerce and much more. The offer has been active for some time now, and allows you to subscribe to the Prime service package by paying 18 euros per year instead of the canonical 36 required from normal users. Not only that: to try the service and evaluate if it is right for you, students have a tripled trial period, of 90 days instead of the canonical 30 days.

What is included in Prime Student In fact Amazon Prime Student works just like the regular Amazon Prime membership, except for the half price and tripled trial period. The advantages included in the package are therefore the same.

Unlimited fast deliveries on selected products from the Amazon catalog: this is a one-day shipment on more than 2 million products, and 2 days on another wide range of goods. Access to Amazon Prime video's catalog of video on demand and live streams, featuring original, classic and recent blockbuster productions, as well as the Champions League and other sporting events. Amazon Prime Music streaming music, which includes a selection of over 2 million songs in high quality that can be listened to on computers, smartphones, smart TV tablets and smart speakers, possibly expanding the catalog with the optional subscription to Music Unlimited . The Amazon Prime Reading digital library, which provides hundreds of volumes in ebook format to be read at no additional cost as long as the subscription is active; also in this case the selection can be expanded by subscribing to the optional subscription to Kindle Unlimited. The subscription to Prime Gaming, the new name of Twitch Prime, which allows you to join a channel of a partner streamer for free and get additional content for different games. Unlimited photo storage on Amazon Photo that comes to a total of 5GB for video content. Other discounts for Prime Student subscribers In addition to this, subscribers to the service through the Prime Student offer have exclusive discounts on products of certain categories and brands. Most beneficial are discounts of up to 10 percent on Microsoft's Surface products, which include Surface Book 3 and Surface Laptop Go laptops and Surface Pro, Surface Go, and Surface Pro X hybrids, as well as discounted subscriptions to the Office package. Other promotional prices include a 10 percent discount on a selection of fashion and body care items, and a 5 percent discount on various stationery items.

How to subscribe to Prime Student To subscribe to Prime Student just go to the registration page and follow the instructions of the procedure, which is very simple and is divided into two phases.

First you have to fill in the form with the required data such as university email address, year degree, chosen payment method and billing address, then send everything and wait to receive the verification link in the email to confirm the address and complete the process. If you do not have a university email address as per the requirements, then you may need to manually check the platform.

Once the process is complete, you can immediately take advantage of the 90-day free trial period, at the end of the which the 18 euros of the first year of subscription will be automatically deducted. The withdrawal is not inexorable, and can be canceled at any time during the trial period by anyone who is not satisfied with the package.

For non-university students, the price of the Amazon Prime subscription is 36 euros each year or € 3.99 per month with a 30-day free trial, here is the link to register now.

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