From eBay to eDreams, those offering digital jobs in May

From eBay to eDreams, those offering digital jobs in May

From eBay to eDreams

The month of May opened with several news concerning the way of working, in relation to the containment measures of the Covid-19 pandemic. With reference to the private sector, simplified smart working was extended until 31 August (it was due to expire on 30 June). As regards the use of the mask in the workplace, the agreements between companies and trade unions apply. The protection devices are however recommended in particular in common areas, canteens, lifts, places of contact with the public without barriers, as far as the public administration is concerned.

The obligation to present the green pass to access lapses at the workplace, however, the vaccination obligation remains in force for all people over 50, until next June 15, and for workers in hospitals and health residences, until December 31. Rules also valid for those who will be hired in the month of May. Here are the offers of the month, selected by Jobs.

Dedagroup A hub of aggregation of Italian software excellence and "as a service" solutions, with over 20 offices in Italy, also operating in Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and China: it is Dedagroup and for 2022 it expects 400 new hires. The profiles range from the business analyst to the software and application developer, from the enterprise solution consultant to the project manager, up to the cybersecurity specialist.

These figures will strengthen, among others, the teams of the main companies of the group, also in view of digital transition projects linked to the PNRR: Dedagroup Business Solutions, Dedagroup Public Services, Dedagroup Stealth and Deda Cloud.

Among the positions highlighted among the various fields, even for first experience, a systems engineer infrastructure (Rome, Verona, Trento, Milan): will provide technical support and installation, maintenance and monitoring activities on systems and services for Deda cloud datacenters and customers. Degree in computer engineering or computer science required, basic knowledge of the main network protocols, at least one scritping language, concepts of systems or data protection architectures, installation of enterprise-class hardware server systems, basic knowledge and autonomy in the use of environments of VMware VSphere virtualization.

A marketing specialist (Padua, Milan, Scandicci, Casalecchio di Reno), who will collaborate in the design, organization and implementation of the marketing plan for Italy and foreign markets, with particular focus on the product story. He will also have to manage the production of ad hoc material for the content strategy, the marketing automation tools and support the demand generation plan in various ways. At least two years of experience required, master's degree in economics, or marketing and communication.

An accountig specialist (Trento), for the accounting and budget office of DedaGroup's Corporate, which deals with invoicing and collections and payments for group companies; relations with suppliers and management of corporate obligations. Two-year experience required from a technical economic institute or commercial expert.

eBay A marketplace with 147 million buyers worldwide, of which 5.5 million in Italy in 2022: it is the scale of dimensions of eBay, looking for a social media manager, who will work in Milan. The resource will deal with plans to increase and increase followers on the most important networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter, defining a successful narrative, with the aim of increasing awareness and consideration of the brand. More than six years of experience in the role required, in "below the line" communication with the ability to lead the production of content, security in working with large marketing budgets, managing and coordinating external resources.

eDreams A campaign of hiring that foresees the opening of 200 new positions for 2022: it is preparing eDreams Odigeo, a Spanish online travel company with its four agency brands eDreams, GO Voyages, Opodo, Travellink. The technology hubs of Milan and Porto (as well as Madrid, Budapest and Barcelona) will be at the center of the scheduled recruiting. The new hires (target 500 by 2025) will support the next phase of the company's development, transitioning to a subscription-based model.

The profiles currently sought are: software engineer (Java, Javascript React) , PHP, iOS, Android), lead engineer and engineer manager, architect (Java, Javascript, iOS, Android), product manager, product designer, employer branding specialist, data scientist and Agile coach. The selection will take place through internal and external recruiting campaigns, during events and conferences organized by the company.

Giuneco A technology house, a creative laboratory that transforms startup and business ideas into projects with a strong digital and innovative footprint: is Giuneco, the innovation hub based in Florence, ready to increase the growth of the team and development projects with the entry of at least five software developers. Research is also open to junior profiles, IT talents to be employed in tech projects in a smart and agile work environment, promoting diversity and inclusion through corporate welfare programs and initiatives.

To expand the tech department, Giuneco is looking for one or more C # backend software developers, who will participate in the development of the architecture or infrastructure for medium and large scale projects and one or more React frontend software developers who will work on the user interface and will support the implementation of business logic and API design in close collaboration with backend developers and customers. Finally, Giuneco will also hire one or more junior software developers, even at the first experiences. Requirements? Being a programming geek.

Octopus Energy Italia Having landed in Italy in November 2021 with the purchase of the Ascoli company Sato Luce e Gas, the Octopus Energy group, a British "entech" unicorn, is preparing the official launch of Octopus Energy Italia, a retail energy supply company, which will be based in Milan. The company expects 100 hires in the next two years (of which at least 20 already this year).

Thanks to a proprietary cloud software (Kraken), Octopus Energy manages the supply in a flexible and smart way, concentrating in a single state-of-the-art platform for all customer assistance functions. In Italy, the company plans investments for over 60 million euros and a recruitment campaign for figures to be included in the next few weeks.

Open roles for developers, in particular back end developer, senior front end developer and Phyton engineer . Kraken is continuously updated by Octopus developers around the world, committed to finding the best solutions for the energy systems of the future, less centralized and predictable, but manageable through machine learning.

Space for marketing professionals: Octopus Energy Italia aims at one million customers by 2025 and is looking for a digital advertising specialist, who will take care of the strategic and operational management of the adv campaigns on the various platforms. Experience of at least four years is required, preferably in agencies. On the sales side, the first positions as brand ambassador will soon be opened, the first point of contact for potential new customers in the transition to Octopus Energy.

Finally, positions as energy specialist will be open throughout the year, the figures who provide 360-degree customer support through Kraken's advanced features. On this front, Octopus will also offer opportunities for those who need to work from home, with greater flexibility and on unconventional days or times, through the figure of digiOps, who will play the role of energy specialists but outside the traditional working hours. office. Job offers are published on LinkedIn and on the official website.

Wikicasa A proptech reality that manages real estate ad portals with over 13 million unique users a year: it's Wikicasa, which plans to double its staff in the next 18 months. The team of 40 employees located between the Milan and Genoa offices currently has 40 employees, with an average age of 27 years. Full Stack developer, data scientist and mobile developer are the first figures sought in the Ligurian capital, while in the shadow of the Madonnina there is a need for graphic designer, Seo specialist, marketing manager, financial and commercial control and planning specialist and an internship such as business analyst.

Wikicasa has announced the recruitment campaign following a round of collection of three million euros from current members, including the four largest Italian real estate groups by number of agencies in the area: Gabetti group, Re / Max, Tecnocasa and Tempocasa. The investment is aimed at strengthening Wikicasa as a system project for sector professionals and the development of digital services for end users.

Aruba A professional training course for professional system administrators, aimed at IT graduates o recent graduates in Stem disciplines: it is the first official step of the Aruba Academy, created by Aruba with new training courses, aimed at attracting the best talents in the IT world. The aim is to facilitate the acquisition of additional digital skills and further qualify the participants in the Stem and IT fields, in order to facilitate their subsequent long-term insertion into the labor market.

The first professional training course organized in partnership with Randstad Technologies will start on 11 May: they will be able to benefit from it 12 selected participants, for a duration of seven weeks, equal to 240 hours of lessons. The professional system administrator plans, implements and verifies all the measures necessary to ensure adequate levels of security for an information system. Designs and implements measures to ensure the physical security of the IT network and data protection, organizing backup procedures and preparing IT systems disaster recovery plans.

For those who successfully complete the path free training, a process of interviews will be provided to evaluate the inclusion in the company with a fixed-term contract, so as to continue professional training at the Aruba data centers (Arezzo and Ponte San Pietro). A similar argument applies to the subsequent program of lessons dedicated to the figure of It operator (TechOps, 240 hours), starting in June. Also in this case, after completing the training course, the opportunity to enter the company will be evaluated.

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