Exit The Enchanted Forest: the review

Exit The Enchanted Forest: the review

Exit The Enchanted Forest

There are now about twenty titles in the Exit series dedicated to table escape rooms. The success of the line is well established and is also supported by further product lines, such as Adventure Games and Books. Exit The Enchanted Forest is a Beginner level escape room, as always signed by the pair of authors Inka and Markus Brand (in this case without the collaboration of other authors).

Apparently complex mechanics

The game mechanics are extremely consolidated and identical to those of the previous titles: there is no board but a booklet that acts as a common thread for the entire game and three decks of cards (Enigma Cards, Solution Cards and Hint Cards) . What is written in the booklet will provide some information which, together with those present in the Enigma cards, will allow players to face the various obstacles they will encounter along the way. The resolution of each puzzle provides a three-digit numerical code which, inserted in the Decoder Disc, can be verified through a specific Solution Card. If the code is correct the Solution Card will allow the story to continue, otherwise you will be warned of the error and will have to try again.

Disk decoder
Afraid of getting stuck? Through the Hint Cards, the game offers two clues and the solution of each puzzle presented, thus allowing everyone to complete the game, even in the face of the most difficult riddles.

Although the mechanics described may seem complex , it is actually very simple to put into practice and is immediately intuitive, even without having played similar titles before.

These cards conceal the solutions

The puzzles

This design choice has two important consequences: on the one hand, anyone who is reluctant to this type of manipulation can run into a situation that does not make him feel comfortable; on the other hand, it is certainly true that such an experience is closer to a real escape room, trying to re-propose activities with real objects.

Additional elements Given this premise, the puzzles they are very different from each other and force you to think critically about what you are doing; It is important to read the clues and information provided well, as there are often small elements that escape but which play a fundamental role in solving the puzzles. Exit - The Enchanted Forest is presented as a beginner level title and it is true that most of the puzzles are very simple, but it is impossible not to notice that a couple of the puzzles presented are much more difficult, making the game probably not perfectly balanced. br>

You play in a few

An element to underline is that the structure of the game makes it impossible (as it happens with other titles) to tackle several puzzles at the same time; if we add the choice of manipulating objects, the result is that often one or two players face a puzzle, while the others can only stand by and wait for the first to give up or solve the test. We therefore recommend the title to a maximum of three participants, preferably only two.

The clues to the enigmas


Exit - The Enchanted Forest is a solid escape room that sets the brain in motion not only in terms of pure logic, but also in the more “practical” components. Ideal for discovering this famous series of global success with a game of basic difficulty, although certainly not the best title in the series.


Considering that the material is disposable, the The quality of the materials is certainly of a high level: the paper used for the manuals is light and the cards are low weight, but the illustrations are accurate, the die cuts are precise and the inside of the box is shaped and colored (not by chance).

Very accurate graphics

Game suitable for

The game is suitable for all people who want to approach the table escape room with a title for beginners, but who may already have some experience . It is particularly interesting for those who are not looking for merely logical puzzles, but want that extra something that can come from "working with your hands".

If you are obsessed with preserving the material, even games that are not used more than once, be careful before proceeding, as it is essential to mistreat many of the contents of the box.

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