Elden Ring, the bulk of Japanese users played between 100 and 300 hours

Elden Ring, the bulk of Japanese users played between 100 and 300 hours

Elden Ring

Elden Ring was the protagonist of a survey organized by Famitsu, which revealed that the bulk of Japanese users spent between 100 and 300 hours on the FromSoftware title: quite a lot of time.

Able to surpass Call of Duty: Vanguard and establish itself as the best-selling game in the US in 12 months, Elden Ring was played from 100 to 150 hours by 29.6% of respondents, from 150 to 200 hours by 21% of respondents and from 200 to 300 hours by 17.8% of the interviewees.

In short, the vast majority of Japanese players made a commitment but it was not their first soulslike: two thirds of the interviewees had already played Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

The survey, however, also tells us something else: the aspect of the game preferred by Japanese users is the mix of story and lore, followed by the setting and the exploratory component . In short, the open world structure has hit the mark.

The most popular class among the interviewees is the Vagabond, with the Samurai in second position but very close, while the statistics to which the greatest attention has been paid are vigor, endurance and dexterity.

The favorite weapon of Japanese players is the katana, not surprisingly, followed by the broadsword and the medium shield. As for the best NPCs, Ranni the Witch occupies the absolute first position, followed at a distance by Iron Fist Alexander and Blaidd.

Finally the enemies: in first place in the survey we find Starscourge Radahn, followed shortly distance from Malenia while Margit, third, more detached. And the scenarios? Caelid, Limgrave and Leyndell in order of preference.

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This Elden Ring player survey reveals our favourite weapons, spirit ashes, areas, and bosses

And the average playtime was between 100-150 hours.

A new survey conducted by Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has revealed our favourite weapons, bosses, and more during our time in the Lands Between.

Conducted by Famitsu and translated by FrontlineJP (thanks, NME), the survey was completed by 1700 people, the majority of whom (1509) were male and aged 25-29.

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Almost all respondents confirmed they loved the story and world of Elden Ring, as well as exploration, the field, and boss combat. Item crafting and the upgrade system for equipment were the least favourite aspects of Elden Ring.

Our favourite NPCs are Ranni, Iron Fist Alexander, and Blaidd respectively, whereas Diallos and Enia were least memorable. The most popular enemy was a close-run race between Starscourge Radahn and Malenia, with Margit - a fight no-one can forget - coming in in third place. Caelid tops the lips of the most memorable places - no surprise there, either - closely followed by Limgrave and Leyndell, Royal Capital. Seems very few people thought the Mountaintops of the Giants was particularly memorable, though.

Most played as a Vagabond, and most prioritised Vigor over any other stats, with fewer players opting for a Faith build. We love Katanas most - over half put them down as their favourite weapon type - followed by greatswords, medium shields, and staves respectively. Great claws were least popular amongst the respondents.

The most popular weapon skills and ashes of war was Bloodhound Step by a country mile, while Comet Azur topped the list of favourite sorceries and incantation. Erdtree's Favor was the most treasured talisman.

As for Spirit Ashes? In news that will surprise no-one, that prize goes to Mimic Tear, followed by Black Knife Tiche and Spirit Jellyfish. Soldjars of Fortune were least popular.

There's plenty more results to flick through, so head on over to FrontlineJP for the full list, which also revealed that the average playtime of players was between 100-150 hours, with most sitting at level 150 or above (824).

Where most of us tried a thousand times to kill Malenia once, Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her has now killed a thousand Malenias. Let Me Solo Her has become an icon in the Elden Ring community for their help beating Malenia, with many fans producing artwork of the player.

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