The best hybrid cars compatible with the eco-bonus

The best hybrid cars compatible with the eco-bonus

The new 2022 auto incentives are ready to go. For Italian motorists, therefore, there is the possibility of purchasing a new model with low or no environmental impact by obtaining a significant discount on the expense to be incurred. Thanks to the new ecobonus, it is also possible to buy plug-in hybrid cars at a reduced price compared to the price list.

The discount applied, in this case, is lower than that provided for electric cars but is equally supportive important, to be exploited to switch to a hybrid model that can also guarantee zero emissions operation. The actual amount of the eco-bonus will be determined by the emissions data. The legislation provides for three different ranges (0-20 g / km, 21-60 g / km and 61-135 g / km).

There is another limit to consider. This is the list price. For each emission band, a maximum limit is established on the list price that the model can have in order to be purchased using the 2022 car incentives. It should also be noted that an extra discount is provided for the first two emission bands in the event of scrapping of a car up to Euro 4. For the third band (61-135 g / km), the eco-bonus is only foreseen with scrapping.

After having seen which are the best electric cars that can be purchased with car incentives 2022, let's analyze the options available on the market to determine which are the best plug-in hybrids to buy thanks to the new eco-bonus. For this list we will only consider vehicles that fall within the CO2 emission range from 21 to 60 g / km.

Ecobonus for plug-in hybrids: how the 2022 car incentives work

Lo The discount is higher in case of scrapping of a pre-Euro 5 car. Consequently, for the 21-60 g / km range it is possible to obtain an eco-bonus of 4,000 euros on the purchase of a new hybrid car and with the simultaneous scrapping of a used vehicle compatible with the provisions of the law. Without scrapping, however, the amount of the incentive will drop to 2,000 euros.

As previously pointed out, there is also a maximum ceiling on the list price that a hybrid car can have in order to be purchased with the 2022 incentives. For the 21-60 g / km range there is a maximum ceiling of 45,000 euros plus VAT, IPT and putting on the road. Overall, the limit is just under € 55,000. This limit can also be exceeded by adding various types of accessories and not only with the listed price.

Some models, therefore, may be compatible with the eco-bonus only in certain configurations. It is always necessary to evaluate case by case in order to accurately verify the actual compatibility with car incentives. Manufacturers will also bea> able to modify the price list of their own models to make them compatible with the purchase through ecobonus. The launch of ad hoc fittings to make a model fall below the maximum ceiling cannot be excluded.

The best plug-in hybrid cars to buy with the eco-bonus

Because of the ceiling on the purchase price, not all plug-in hybrids on the market can be purchased using the eco-bonus. As mentioned above, it is necessary to check, from time to time, the list price of the car taking into account the configuration and set-up. Below you can see a selection of the most interesting plug-in hybrid cars to buy with the eco-bonus:

Audi A3 and Q3

Among the premium manufacturers offering solutions in line with the car incentives for hybrids we find Audi. The house of the four rings offers the Audi A3 and the Audi Q3 in the 40 TFSI e version (only for A3) and 45 TFSI e. Prices start at just over 41 thousand euros, with the basic model of the A3, and go up to over 53 thousand for the Q3 with a top-of-the-range set-up.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, Series 3, X1 and X2

BMW also offers various solutions for the purchase of a plug-in hybrid car with the eco-bonus. In this case, there are the various compact Series 2 Active Tourer, X1 and X2 but there is also room for the Series 3 with the 320e variant, also available in the Touring version. The price list starts at 39,600 euros with the basic version of the Active Tourer and quickly goes up to 54,000 euros with the hybrid 3 Series.

Ford Kuga

Jeep Compass and Renegade

The two most sold plug-in hybrids in Italy (as well as the only ones produced in Italy if we exclude Ferraris) are compatible with the ecobonus. Both the Jeep Renegade and the larger Jeep Compass can be purchased using the discount and obtaining a discount on the list price. Incentives are available for both the 190 hp and 240 hp variants of the two Jeep models which, in hybrid configuration, are defined by the American 4xe house. As for prices, the Renegade starts at € 39,500 while the Compass from € 45,580.

Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, CLA and GLA

The plug-in hybrid variants of the compact from Mercedes are compatible with the eco-bonus. Thanks to the incentives, it is possible to purchase the A-Class, the B-Class, the CLA (also in the Shooting Brake version) and the GLA crossover at a reduced price. The variants to choose from, even considering the various set-ups, are different. It starts at around 43,000 euros with the hybrid B-Class and reaches around 54,000 euros with the CLA Shooting Brake.

MINI Cooper SE Countryman

It is also compatible with car incentives the MINI Cooper SE Countryman, a plug-in hybrid variant of the MINI compact crossover, available in the list with a starting price of 44 thousand euros and equipped with a three-cylinder 1.5 engine combined with an electric motor. The MINI model is an option to consider when purchasing a well-made premium hybrid.

Peugeot 308, 508 and 3008

The Peugeot range is eco-bonus compatible for plug-in hybrid car with three models. There are the Peugeot 308 and 508 in various configurations and there is also the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid and Hybrid4 crossover, one of the best-selling plug-in models in Italy in recent months. The list of Peugeot hybrids starts at around 36 thousand euros but for the 3008 you need at least 45 thousand euros and for the 508 it starts at just under 50 thousand euros.

Renault Captur and Megane

Taking advantage of car incentives for plug-in hybrids for a relatively cheap model is possible thanks to Renault's proposals. The French company, in fact, offers its customers the Renault Captur E-Tech which starts at 34 thousand euros. Thanks to the incentives it is therefore possible to buy the hybrid crossover starting from around 30 thousand euros. Also available to customers is the Renault Megane Sporter station wagon which starts at just over 36 thousand euros.

Seat Leon and Tarraco

Among the cheapest plug-in hybrids compatible with the incentives we find Seat's proposals with the Seat Leon in the 1.4 e-Hybrid version which starts at just over 36 thousand euros. Compatible with the eco-bonus is also the Tarraco which takes up the same configuration as the hatchback but offers a starting price of over 46 thousand euros.

Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Tiguan

The Volkswagen range it is compatible with the incentives for hybrid cars thanks to the Volkswagen Golf eHybrid which starts at around 40 thousand euros. The same hybrid system as the hatchback is also offered by the larger Tiguan. As the size grows, however, the price list also grows with the SUV starting at 43 thousand euros in its hybrid variant.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Incentives on plug-in hybrids are available even for a premium compact SUV of great quality like the Volvo XC40 Recharge. The model in question is compatible with the eco-bonus in both the T4 and T5 versions and with the possibility of choosing between different configurations. The price list, to be discounted with the eco-bonus, ranges from about 48 thousand euros to over 54 thousand euros. There is certainly no shortage of options to find the SUV that best suits your needs.

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