Is There Room for New Esports Titles to Emerge?


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The past few years have seen impressive growth for the world of esports as a whole, whilst the premier titles in League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and DotA have continued to grow and thrive particularly amongst more casual viewers and players and punters looking to wager at and other similar sites too, the real success story came from the launch of Riot Games latest title in Valorant. Merging the tactical gameplay of FPS titles like Counter-Strike with the hero and skill-based gameplay of Overwatch, Valorant has managed to emerge as one of the big names, and with the fantastic production of Riot backing this too, it has been able to set itself apart. But is there room for further large titles to emerge?

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There are some other games that have been growing in viewership and on the cusp of emerging into this larger space too, games like Call of Duty which had previously been limited to consoles but now emerging on PC are one such game with a large audience, battle royal games in Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG are growing too but not quite to the same scale, and options like Rocket League have captured a niche but interested audience.

It isn’t just about the gameplay, however, as an indication of success which is what many interested in esports may think – the production team and broadcasting have become an extremely important part of pushing the games forward too, Riot have been mentioned here as the lessons learned in the early days of League of Legends have been able to continue pushing forward and the production has certainly been part of the success – especially when looking at Valve’s titles of Counter-Strike and DotA which have great levels of production too but not on the same level just yet as more production is handled by individual events rather than a singular team.

In order for a new game to emerge in esports and become successful, it needs to be able to check both boxes – be a compelling game with good in-game systems but also to have the production that makes it appetizing to viewers both experience with the game and new to the game without any previous experience too – there’s a fine balance to be found, and it takes a lot of investment to work, but given the success seen over the past couple of years there are plenty of opportunities to do so, and the blueprints show for the best ways to succeed too.

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