The government evaluates a new incentive plan to support the auto sector

The government evaluates a new incentive plan to support the auto sector

The Italian auto market started 2022 with declining sales. For the future, therefore, new state incentives could return to support the entire Italian automotive sector as well as for the spread of electric and hybrid cars. In the last few days, a meeting was held on the topic which saw the presence of Roberto Garofoli, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Daniele Franco, Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economic Development, and Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition.

The Government's objective is to create an organic plan to support the Italian automotive sector. In a time of great difficulty such as the one we are experiencing and with the need to support the transition to electricity, a new incentive plan could be essential. The plan to support the Italian automotive sector could arrive much earlier than expected.

Already during the month, together with the Energy decree to counter the high bills, the Government could launch the first aid plan. We recall that the Government, last December, chose not to introduce incentives in the Budget Law for the auto sector.

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It is also possible to introduce a system of incentives to support the weakest groups with greater benefits for the lowest incomes. Further details on the matter could arrive as early as next week.

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