Project 007: rumors about the project of the authors of Hitman, here are the news

Project 007: rumors about the project of the authors of Hitman, here are the news

Project 007

Some time ago, IO interactive (the studio that developed the Hitman franchise) announced that it was working on Project 007, a video game based on the most famous aspia in the world of entertainment, Agent 007. Now, at a distance of some time since that mysterious announcement, the time for the reveal may have come.

At the moment we are still in the field of rumors and indiscretions, but the source is Andy Robinson, editor of VGC, who on Twitter announced probable news about the next IO Interactive project. "I wouldn't be surprised if a certain super is back in the coming weeks," Robinson's social media profile reads. The indiscretion was published during a chat with Cristopher Dring, a journalist from Games Industry, who also invited Robison to silence in a nice photo. Clearly, given his position, Robinson cannot be more explicit but he is most likely referring to James Bond and Project 007.

Another hypothesis, but less likely, is instead the return of GoldenEye 007 . already in recent weeks we had anticipated how the historic game that debuted Nintendo 64 was ready to return to the Xbox in a remastered version (or directly with a remake), drawing heavily from that failed attempt during the Xbox 360 generation and PlayStation 3.

- Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) February 4, 2022

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After the very long parenthesis of the Hitman franchise, which ended with the release of the Trilogy, IO Interactive has been working on Project 007 for more than a year. The official announcement was disclosed around November 2021 and the project aims to debut on next gen platforms, namely PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. At the moment the authors are also working on a new IP, which however must still be officially announced. Keep following for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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Project 007

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