PlayStation Store: Horizon Forbidden West and The King of Fighters 15

PlayStation Store: Horizon Forbidden West and The King of Fighters 15

PlayStation Store

There is no doubt that the highlight of the new PlayStation Store update is Horizon Forbidden West, the new chapter of the Guerrilla Games action RPG series, in which we will return to play the role of the huntress Aloy in a difficult mission: to save the world. of the future from a mysterious red plague.

However, there is no shortage of other important releases on the Sony digital platform, starting with The King of Fighters 15, the latest edition of SNK's famous fighting game, even richer and more spectacular . Among the novelties there is also Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, which carries on the strategic spin-off of the Koei Tecmo franchise, albeit in a not exactly brilliant way.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy about to face a huge Machine Mysteriously available on the PS Store with two different prices, but in both cases in the double version for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Horizon Forbidden West (PS5 and PS4</a>, € 69.99 ) catapults us back into the world of the future that we learned about in Zero Dawn: a post-apocalyptic scenario inhabited by human tribes but also by hordes of dangerous mechanical beasts.

After clarifying Gaia and what It happened a thousand years ago (see our special on the story of Horizon), the hunter of the Nora tribe, Aloy, finds herself in this sequel grappling with a mysterious red plague that kills flora and fauna, also corrupting the Machines and making them still p more powerful and lethal. Where did she come from? The answer seems to lie in the Forbidden West, and that is where we will go to discover the truth.

Welcomed by excellent grades, Horizon Forbidden West improves the less convincing aspects of the first episode, adding new actions to the protagonist's repertoire and making the combat system more multifaceted in the context of hand-to-hand clashes, introducing human settlements more interesting to visit and secondary missions of greater depth.

A refined and enhanced system, in short, which is accompanied by a truly sumptuous technical sector and a very inspired soundtrack, ready to accompany our epic crossings in the Forbidden West and spectacular battles with a whole host of new Machines. We talked about it in the Horizon Forbidden West review.

The King of Fighters 15

The King of Fighters 15, Blue Mary in action SNK's fighting game is renewed with The King of Fighters 15 (PS5 and PS4, € 59.99), modifying some mechanics compared to previous editions in order to make the experience more technical and draw a dividing line between more experienced players and novice players, who will have to become familiar with a new system of distances and movement.

The automatic combos have however been maintained, while the management of super moves has become more accessible and a counter has been introduced that can throw the opponent from the other part of the scenario where it is performed with the right timing. In short, we are talking about a thick combat system, applied to a roster of about forty characters.

The King of Fighters 15, Joe Higashi performs his enhanced Hurricane Upper The experience turns out to be richer and more varied than to that of The King of Fighters XIV (review), with many more possibilities available to users, but a rather traditional set of contents, characterized by a classic single player story mode and an online multiplayer sector that certainly appears promising, also thanks to the changes made to the netcode.

Finally, as regards graphics and sound, even here fortunately the developers have managed to improve things, although the polygonal modeling of the fighters and their animations still do not convince of the everything, especially when compared to Arc System Works productions. For more details, here's our review of The King of Fighters 15.

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, Cao Cao Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires (PS5 and PS4 , € 69.99) carries on the strategic spin-off of the famous Musou, taking us once again to imperial China and telling the stories of the legendary leaders who tried to unify the country. In this case, however, we will not only have to grapple with the iconic one-against-a thousand battles, but also with diplomacy, tactics, trade and alliances.

Once a campaign has been selected, we will find ourselves in command of a general or an officer at the head of a region, with the aim of conquering all the others but at the same time pursuing the well-being of the territory and its inhabitants. An interesting formula on paper, but one that the game renders in a simplistic and extremely repetitive way, as we explained in the Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires review.

The Promotion of the Week

Battlefield 2042, a spectacular chase between planes Valid for a few more hours, until February 17, this time the Promotion of the Week involves Battlefield 2042, the latest episode of the shooter series developed by DICE and set in a dark and violent future, where a war is fought that it will determine the future of the planet. New to the game? Rest assured, you can read our Battlefield 2042 review to fix it.

That said, the offer is undoubtedly interesting and allows you to buy the standard PS4 edition of the game for € 41.99 instead of 69.99 , with a saving of 40%, or the double version PS5 and PS4 at € 51.99 instead of 79.99, saving in this case 35%. Finally, for those who want to invest higher amounts, there is the Gold Edition at € 74.99 instead of 99.99 and the Ultimate Edition at € 95.99 instead of 119.99.

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