Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires | Review, slaughter and management

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires | Review, slaughter and management

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires | Review

For a couple of years now the much mistreated, at least by most gamers, musou are experiencing a new youth. Thanks to the descent into the field of some big hits such as Persona 5 Strikers and Hyrule Warriors The Era of Calamity, which we rewarded with resounding 8 and 8.8 respectively, the genre is in fact experiencing a sort of renaissance. A positive trend also confirmed a few months ago by Samurai Warriors 5, a recent title belonging to one of the most famous musou sagas which, without offering anything transcendental, has been able to establish itself as one of the best exponents of the genre. Considering all this it was therefore inevitable not to look with particular attention to Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, the last episode of a real sacred monster of the musou. A work that will land tomorrow, February 15th, on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch and of which we are finally ready to talk to you.

Strategic drift

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is, for those who do not know what we are talking about, a sort of spin-off / recurring expansion of the historic Dynasty Warriors saga, in which the classic 1vs1000 musou gameplay is accompanied by a strategic vein. Not only the indiscriminate slaughter of minions and officers therefore, but also a particular focus on planning and strategy. Characteristics usually not exactly preponderant in a musou, but which in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, as indeed in the previous Empires, take on considerable importance.

Finally, to complete the general picture, various management aspects, which they bind to a double thread with what was previously mentioned and further contribute to give greater depth to the title. In short, the Dynasty Warriors Empires are not just musou.

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Not only fights

The distinctive point of the Empires is, as mentioned above, that relating to the management of their kingdom and this last chapter is no exception. From the decision of which area of ​​China to try to annex to one's empire up to the management of resources, passing through a whole series of other possibilities that touch on numerous management issues: the variables from this point of view are many and they always manage to make different the various matches.

The possibility of influencing medium and long-term decisions and managing the career of the various officers who will accompany us in battle, obviously starting from their recruitment, then completes a colorful picture, capable of satisfy those who love to plan every single move. Our war exploits, in which we will annihilate as usual myriads of unfortunate soldiers, are therefore interspersed with these management phases, the effects of which are then often and willingly reflected in the real battlefields.

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A classic musou

During the real battles, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires takes on the classic connotations of musou, tracing all the main stylistic features that have always distinguished the gender. Hundreds and hundreds of enemies, combos upon combos, positions to defend and conquer and an indiscriminate slaughter of minions: you will find whatever gameplay feature you have in common in the latest Omega Force effort. All in an extremely classic key, without not only upsetting or daring, but almost never trying to light the flame and shake off the dust. In a historical period in which the genre is experiencing a new youth, seeing an approach so resting on the standards of the past is therefore a bit perplexing.

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Finally, as per tradition, there are a disproportionate number of playable characters, ie just under a hundred. Array that can be further fleshed out thanks to the character editor present in the game, which allows you to create a series of new fighters, ready not only to take to the battlefields of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, but also to play a role central in the political and diplomatic intrigues that distinguish the title.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires: technical aspect

Small gloss on what is the graphic aspect, which on PS5, as probably also on the other platforms where the game is available, does not particularly convince. The landscapes are in fact bare, the artificial intelligence can be revised and the character models are not exceptional: we didn't expect huge steps forward on the technical side from this spin-off, but it is undeniable how on next gen Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is not this great nice to see.

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