My Hero Academia: Tayvix's Camie cosplay is practically perfect

My Hero Academia: Tayvix's Camie cosplay is practically perfect

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga and anime of recent years. Kōhei Horikoshi's work is also particularly popular among cosplayers, which is not surprising given the wide variety of heroes and heroines and their characteristic costumes from which to draw inspiration. Today we bring you the Camie Utsushimi cosplay by Tayvix.

Camie is a year student of Shiketsu High School and an aspiring professional hero, known as Illus-o-Camie. His Quirk, or the special power, is called Glamor and thanks to it he can create optical and auditory illusions in a large area with which he confuses opponents.

Tayvix cosplay is simple but absolutely hits the spot. goal, perfectly replicating Camie's costume and hairstyle, thus being very faithful to the original character. The background used for this shot is the arena where the provisional hero license exam takes place, in which all would-be heroes, including Deku and his companions, participate. Those who follow the anime and manga of My Hero Academia know that on that occasion the Camie Utsushimi who participates in the exam is actually Himiko Toga in disguise. Who knows maybe even this cosplay is actually a full-blown deception.

Staying on the subject of My Hero Academia, we suggest the cosplay of Himiko Toga made by crazy and original Bloodraven.

What do you think of the cosplay of Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia made by Tayvix?

Have you noticed any errors?

My Hero Academia Needs a Sequel, But Will It Ever Happen?

It might not feel real yet, but My Hero Academia has numbered its days. Following its debut in 2014, readers were stunned by its complex characters and extensive worldbuilding. A superhero world like none before was made by Kohei Horikoshi, and readers have been eager to follow its stars through high school. In recent months, it has become clear that My Hero Academia will end sooner rather than later as Class 1-A may just have months left to thrill readers. But given the pace the manga is moving, well – there is no way it can satisfy readers without some sort of sequel.

Up until recently, the pacing of My Hero Academia has never been a major concern. Izuku might have done a lot in his first semester at U.A. High School, but it was not enough to raise eyebrows. Readers were comfortable knowing the manga had a ton more to offer as Izuku wouldn't face his final foe, All For One, until he was ready to graduate.

That, however, didn't turn out to be the case. The last year has made it clear that Horikoshi is ready to bring All For One vs One For All to a head, and you don't have to speculate about it. The artist plainly told fans he wanted to end his manga in the next year, and that deadline has left fans in shock.

Since the announcement was made, My Hero Academia has launched forward at a crazy speed, and its blistering pace has left many fans uneasy. A slew of major questions have been answered about our heroes and villains, but there are too many left to juggle. It is hard to imagine any satisfying answer coming in the next year when Horikoshi has a massive war to ink. So now, fans are left to beg for a sequel.

My Hero Academia has pursued spin-offs before, and its prequel manga is a bonafide hit in its own right. In fact, a My Hero Academia: Vigilantes anime would be very welcome, but in the end, it won't answer the loose ends we have about the main series. From the absence of Izuku's father to the entirety of our students' second year, the manga is poised to blister through these explanations if it touches on them at all. That is mighty strange given how Izuku's first year has taken up nearly eight years on its own, so again – a sequel.

The only issue with a sequel is that – well – the big bad of My Hero Academia is about to be destroyed. All For One is definitely an endgame villain, you know? The manga has spent nearly a decade building him up, so who would our pro heroes tackle in year two without this villain? Horikoshi could always introduce another major threat, but at this point, they would take years to build up. My Hero Academia is certainly popular, but its creator never expected it to run this long. He could cover the rest of Class 1-A's school experience in 3 years or so before engaging All For One, but that isn't going to be the case. All For One will be defeated in the next few months, and honestly? That is absurd.

Given Horikoshi's talent, it is hard to imagine he is rushing the story on purpose, so the story's ending might be out of his hand. Perhaps a sequel could never happen, but if All For One is going to be defeated shortly, there are few ways to satisfy readers without a sequel the sees Izuku through school. Right now, it doesn't seem likely such a story will come to light, but hey – us fans can always dream. 

What do you think about this My Hero Academia pitch? Do you believe the manga will carry on with a sequel or spin-off? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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