Mother 3: fans imagine the remake and it's beautiful

Mother 3: fans imagine the remake and it's beautiful

Mother 3

One of the most desired games by Western Nintendo fans is definitely Mother 3. The third and final act of the saga, which in the West is known as Earthbound, remains a territorial exclusive for the Game Boy Advance at the moment. Despite this, a fan has tried to imagine a possible remake for Nintendo Switch and it is obviously beautiful.

Generiche The author behind this work is Curiomatic, a YouTube channel that has been dedicated for years to the analysis of art in video games and is known for the Smashified series. Behind this name there is a collective of artists, who over the years have reconstructed various video games giving an idea of ​​how they could be today. Obviously, Mother 3 could not be missing, which was revived in the last few hours in a modern version, certainly more attractive for many players.

As you can see in the video launched in the last few hours on YouTube, a possible remake of Mother 3 could be made using the graphic style of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch. The video is extremely detailed and took no short time to complete: the project started over two years ago and was published yesterday only to celebrate the seventh year of the YouTube channel. "We conceived this work in 2015, as a tribute to the 15 years of the series," explained illustrator Omni Jacala, but obviously the work took a little longer to complete. You can judge for yourself the goodness of it, simply by viewing the video available immediately below.

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This fan-made Mother 3 trailer looks stunning

A fan-made trailer for Mother 3 shows what a potential remake could look like.

With its claymation-esque graphical style (a nod to the promotion of the earlier Mother/Earthbound games), the trailer has a Link's Awakening on Switch vibe that seems perfect for the cult-classic RPG.

The video was created by Curiomatic, a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring video game art and known for its Smashified series.

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The team has created gorgeously detailed environments for both narrative scenes and exploration, and hints at what the turn-based combat could look like too.

It took over two years to produce the video, which was released to celebrate the channel's seventh anniversary. 'It is quite possibly the largest fan production we will ever produce,' reads the YouTube description.

Speaking to IGN, illustrator Omni Jacala explained the trailer was conceived in 2015 and was originally intended as a tribute for the 15th anniversary of the original game.

The team was inspired by game creator Shigesato Itoi's ability to 'craft beautiful stories within the constraints of the limited hardware at his disposal'.

'The stories definitely speak to themes of family, friendship, coming of age-things that often have a profound impact on those who play it. The many let's players who have played the game can certainly speak to that,' said Jacala.

'On top of that, I think that the original games being in that sort of top-down, classic RPG style makes it necessary for players to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps. And that's not to discount Itoi's writing at all, but something about primitive graphics leaves room for the imagination to elevate the experience above what we see on the surface.'

Mother 3 was never released in the West, likely owing to controversies in its story. However, the release of Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings on Nintendo Switch Online has sparked renewed interest in the series. Even the producer of Mother 3 said he'd love to see an English localisation.

Watch the video below.

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