Michael Keaton returns to being Batman in new photos from the Batgirl set

Michael Keaton returns to being Batman in new photos from the Batgirl set

Thirty years after his last costume appearance, Michael Keaton returns to being Batman and seems to have not lost the luster of the past. Thanks to the new photos taken on the set of Batgirl we can see him wearing the outfit made famous in Tim Burton's films.

Michael Keaton is back to being Batman

The photos have appeared in the past few hours on social and, while not in optimal quality, they allow us for the first time to see it in action in a long time. Filming for Batgirl is currently underway in the UK and the film will arrive exclusively on HBO Max, but an official release date has not yet been set.

Batgirl will focus on the adventures of Barbara Gordon's alter ego , played by Leslie Grace, and will see Michael Keaton's Batman mentor her. The film will be part of the current continuity of the DC Extended Universe.

EXCLUSIVE: 30 years later, Michael Keaton is still the goddamn #BATMAN! #Batgirl

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The villain of Batgirl will instead be Firefly, alter ego of Garfield Lynns, the historical enemy of the Batfamily who has appeared in various comic stories, including Batgirl: Year One. Brendan Fraser will take care of him.

Before seeing him in action in Batgirl, Keaton's Batman will star in The Flash, a film directed by Andy Muschietti and which will see the scarlet sprinter grappling with the DC multiverse . Among the various timelines that he will go to visit there will be that of the 90s of Burton's films.

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If you are a fan of the first, historic Batman film with Michael Keaton you can retrieve the Blu-Ray version in 4K: here is the link to buy it.

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